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Husband-Wife Relationship During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a crucial phase in the lives of a married couple. It is a time when couples have to embrace changes and have a good understanding between themselves. The relationship between a husband and a wife is very crucial and is one that requires great understanding. It presents them a time that is filled with the excitement of welcoming a new member to the family and at the same time they have to be aware of the changes happening around them. Emotional anxiety builds up and it is quite normal to have a worrying atmosphere surround the couple. Going through this period they need to have a strong force of love binding them together. There might be a lot of conflicts between husband and wife. It is important that the wife gets necessary support and care from husband without which any progress is difficult.

Here are a few tips on maintaining a healthy relationship during pregnancy

Don’t let the intimacy die :

People generally find it difficult to maintain a good physical relationship during pregnancy. Sex would not be the priority when there are mood swings and exhaustion. As it progresses the bump will make it difficult to indulge in intercourse. During this time best option is to talk about it with your partner and have an understanding.

Incorporate changes in your routine :

Pregnancy is a period filled with changes and it understandably requires changes in your schedule and routine. It is very important for husband and wife to spend time with each other and bridge any sort of differences between them. All major decisions during this period have to be taken mutually.

Compromise when necessary :

Life is not full of rainbows and butterflies but it is full of compromises. There are a fair bit of compromises necessary from both the ends. Compromises arrive from understanding the needs and requirements of each other.

Stay focused on your partner :

Expecting mother pays a lot of attention to pregnancy. They often forget about their husband and his needs. It is of utmost importance to honour the husband-wife relationship and fix all the insecurities. Make sure that the arrival of the baby also does not change the husband-wife relationship for the worse.

Pregnancy is a nine-month long commitment and not a one-day affair. Both husband and wife have to be prepared to tackle changes and act upon situations accordingly. This period often makes husband and wife depend on each other more. It is important to understand nobody should feel isolated in the relationship and both of them needs constant support from each other. The chemistry comes to a standstill both emotionally and physically. This period demands great responsibility and it is essential to gather courage and deal with situations in a mature way. Enjoy pregnancy! 


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