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hrithik roshan with his kids

Can Hilfiger do anything wrong? The answer is yes, Tommy Hilfiger, the loved apparel brand has ticked Hrithik Roshan off. Hrithik had an outburst on Twitter where he asked Hilfiger to '(hil)figure' itself out.

Hilfiger used an image of Hrithik's two sons, Hrehaan and Hridaan for it's spring summer campaign on twitter and got under Hrithik's skin. Hrithik slammed the internationally acclaimed brand on twitter for using this picture.

An angry Hrithik let the world know that neither him nor his kids were involved in the campaign and that the brand lacked 'a spine'. Ouch! Hrithik lashed out in the worst way. The brand did not take the time to reply and Hrithik didn't follow up with another tweet, either. We hope they've buried the hatchet.

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