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How Your Marriage Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a phase of marriage that is complicated in both good ways and bad. It is a beautiful phase that brings the two of you together but at the same time, it causes a lot of disagreements and misunderstandings as well. Some these arguments are caused by all the mood swings and a general sense of discomfort. Most of the time, both partners can simply not put a finger on why they are fighting in the first place. But amidst the unexpected farts, tears, pee breaks and binging on healthy snacks, you grow closer to your partner.

Here are a couple of ways that your marriage will change during pregnancy:

Your husband may feel left out

Now, when a lady is pregnant, most of the attention is on her and how she is holding up. All the gifts from well-wishers are either for the baby or the mother. There will be the occasional congratulations to the father but the flowers, maternity wear, and fruits are all meant for the mother. This is because the baby is growing inside the mother who is currently going through a number of dramatic changes herself - not only are her breasts and tummy going to swell up, the rest of her body will too - whereas the father still appears to be the same. Husbands can get more involved with the pregnancy by going along for all the important doctor’s appointments, talking to the baby bump and playing music for the baby. They can also spend more time together to really understand each other’s emotions better.

Bond with the husband grows deeper

As your pregnancy progresses, your marriage will grow stronger and deeper. You will be able to have deeper conversations with them and understand each other better. The occasional awkward silences may be interrupted by a fart or a burp which makes both parties laugh it off and stay calm. It reminds you that you are only human after all and that you don’t have to stress over everything. We all make mistakes and then learn and grow from it. Taking on the new challenges as a team will help make everything easier.

Nature of conversations

The kind of conversations you have with your husband will also change dramatically when you are carrying his child. There will be talks will revolve around the baby, how much money to spend, whether you have enough money for the baby and many more. These talks can lead to arguments which is why you should always try to be optimistic about it. If you know that the argument isn’t headed anywhere, just end it. No point in getting upset over nothing. Just make a quick joke and slip out of it. Try to have conversations that don’t revolve around pregnancy - talk about politics, world news, work life and even your relatives. This can help you both to destress and bond.

There will be fights

As mentioned before, there will be a number of fights whether you like it or not. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is definitely a plus. You will know what areas in your marriage need work and what parts of it are sweet and nice. When the fight starts getting heated up, just step away from it for a minute. Think about it - is the fight really worth it? Does your husband have a point? Can you reach a compromise or an agreement? Take a deep breath and try to reason it out with your husband. Speaking calmly about your differences is a better way to come to a decision - shouting is not going to help anyone.

You won’t go out as much

When you are pregnant, going out is not going to be an everyday thing or even a weekly thing for that matter. You might go to the grocery store together or grab a snack but that’s about it. But you should still make it a point to hang out with your partner and catch up with everything that is happening. Talk about how you feel, ask how they feel, talk about work life, and try to see how you both really do have more in common than you thought. Pregnancy can be a stressful time for both parents so it is important to talk to your husband regularly and really understand what they are going through.

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