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How Your Everyday Products Are Slowly Killing Your Health

Humans are one of the few creatures that follow habit on a basis. We are the only social creatures that are capable of thinking and understanding what's happening around them. Mom and kids use a ton amount of products each day from soaps, powder, body lotions, cleaning products etc. It has become a daily thing using these products irrespective of how they would affect our health. It's your responsibility to know what the products contain and how they might help/harm you. Definitely, the helping part is it keeps you happy and safe, or that's what you think. Here is a shocking revelation of some of the products that you use which might be responsible for slowly killing your health…

1. Perfumes


Who does use perfumes?? It's one of the most commonly used product by everyone. People especially use this to cover their own scent or while they are going out for any work.even if you wanna step, they use this on a regular basis. But studies by the Environmental Protection Agency found that these fragrances contain hazardous chemicals. Toxic chemicals like benzaldehyde, camphor, ethyl acetate, benzyl acetate etc present in them cause dizziness, nausea, drowsiness, irritation of throat, eyes, skin, and lungs, kidney damage and headaches. They are also linked to hormone disruption and has been linked to sperm damage and many other scary side effects. Scary is n’t?
2. Bug spray

Bug killers, people use them a lot even when one cockroach or anything shows. The amount they use, it has become that, those bugs have become resistant to the chemical spray. But the chemicals used in them, if at all inhaled or if it gets into your body, leads to neurological damage to children. It's better to keep your place clean, and keeping the food away and closed.

3. Cleaning products

You probably have an idea that you use these cleaning products like floor cleaners, glass cleaners etc to help you kill the germs and keep your family safe. But the chemicals used in them like phosphates, ammonia, chlorides etc lead to respiratory problems, rashes on the skin, lower IQ and loss in the coordination of the body. We are definitely sure that you weren’t aware that they are this harmful. Don't worry, we have a simple solution for this. Instead of using chemical cleaners, try to make cleaning products at home using vinegar, baking soda etc. Want a much simpler method? Try our all new Tinystep Floor Cleaner which is completely organic and does not produce any toxins when used, but leaves refreshing after smell when used. We are as much responsible for your family as you are and with that in mind, it protects your family from toxins as well as germs.

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4. Cosmetics

This is a good one. No need to hide the fact but this is used by almost everyone on a daily basis. Studies have shown that people use around 6-10 different cosmetics on a daily basis. Wait! Before you start counting how much you used for the day, let us tell you the scary part. They usually contain synthetic substances used in them, which when applied leads to the problem associated with the skin. Take care before applying them, have a good idea of what the substances present in them also.

5. Air fresheners

Similar to cleaning products, air fresheners keep your homes refreshing and nice. The chemicals used in them aren't that toxic compared to the other cleaning products, but try to make sure that you have a completely ventilated house so that all the chemicals used in them don't stay within the area of effect. Chronic exposure to chemicals like phthalates and glycol ethers, present in them, might lead to reduced sperm count and breast cancer in adverse cases.

6. Plastic drink bottles and food containers

We know that plastic substances aren’t good for the environment, but when in continuous use, it leaks toxic substances into your drink as well as the food you store it in. They contain the toxic chemical called phthalates which harms your endocrine system as well as might lead to cancer. Try to switch to glass containers and don't use plastic bottles for long use.

7. Mattress

We know, you wouldn't have thought that mattresses might also cause you harm. But they have a high level of harmful compounds like PBDEs, which on exposure to human presence leads to brain and reproductive damage. These PBDEs are being banned everywhere, so its good idea to have a check at your mattresses to make sure these toxic substances aren’t present.

These are some of the few products which you use daily, which might harm you and your loved ones. Please try to avoid them or use an alternative means, for example going green or natural. These products aren’t always essential, try to limit their use as much as possible.

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