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How To Use Tomato For Pimples And Acne

Just like the way babies have tender and delicate skin, your skin too is. As of today, you must have observed the spike in the levels of pollution, dirt, dust and allergens. Your skin is exposed to all these particles and it becomes clogged with dirt, makeup, body’s natural oil and dead skin cells.

Since the pores get blocked, there is no way your skin can get exposure to healthy sunlight or even fresh oxygen. Therefore, the oil under your skin gets trapped and results in a bacterial infection which causes breakouts on your skin like acne and pimples.

The root cause of acne is stress, poor diet and hygiene, hormonal imbalance. It appears on the face, back, neck and chest. It can become quite irritating as they’re itchy and you constantly have the urge of popping them.

Try out these home remedies using tomato and watch your skin glow:

1.Tomato Pulp

The tomato pulp acts on your skin by reducing the oil generated on the skin. It is the best way to treat severe acne.


1 medium sized tomato

1 grinder


-Wash the tomato and cut it into pieces.

-Grind these pieces and obtain a paste.

-Apply this paste on your skin and other acne affected area.

-Leave it on for about an hour.

-Rinse with cold water and pat it dry.

-Repeat this at least once a day to effectively get rid of acne.

2.Tomato and avocado

The combination of tomato and avocado is every mom’s favourite method of reducing acne effortlessly.


-1 big red tomato

-1 regular size avocado


-Boil one pot of water.

-Make a pulp of 1 avocado and tomato by blending it together finely.

-Now, take the boiling pot off the heat and take some steam on your face for about 15 minutes.

-This will help in opening up your pores.

-Apply the tomato and avocado mixture to your skin and let it set for about 30-40 minutes.

-Use warm water to wash off your face and pat it dry.

3.Tomato and cucumber

Summer is the time for a lot of heat and acne. So, this summer, get your veggie game on point by this method:


-1 big red tomato

-1 cucumber



-Mix the tomato and cucumber juice together in an equal ratio.

-Dip a cotton ball in it and gently apply this juice on your face.

-Let it set on your face for about 15 minutes.

-Rinse with lukewarm water and pat it dry.

Try out these amazing hacks to get rid of acne sitting right at home.

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