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Have you ever bought something really cute for yourself or your child and then after you wash it, out comes this tight-fitting dress that makes you feel like you wasted so much money. These clothes make you wonder if you’ve put on weight in the last few days or if you’re little one is growing at a superhuman rate. These shrunk clothes are a problem in every household but did you know there’s a way of unshrinking these clothes? Here’s how you can do it:

1. Fill in a bucket with lukewarm water

2. Pour a couple of spoonfuls of baby shampoo or conditioner into the water and mix it well. This is used to relax the fabric of the cloth.

3. Then soak the cloth that needs to be unshrunk in the water mixture for at least 30 minutes.

4. Take the garment out of the water and rinse off the extra water by squeezing gently.

5. Place the garment flat out on a dry towel to then roll the towel along with the garment in it. Let it stay as is for 10 minutes.

6. Take the cloth from the towel, you will now a slightly damp but not completely wet garment.

7. Stretch the piece of cloth on another dry towel and hold it in place with some heavy objects at the end. If the cloth is a soft fabric then it’ll stretch easily at this point. But if you find that the garment is a little tougher, you can use a steam iron and make it more easy to manipulate and stretch.

8. You can let the cloth dry out in this form or after a while, you can hang it from a hanger and keep it in a place where it’s exposed to sunlight and air. By doing this, you’re letting gravity do its job and it will stretch the cloth automatically.

This should expand your clothes but this method might not work out for every item of clothing on the first go. So, you might have to repeat this procedure two or more times to see a drastic difference.

If it’s jeans that are giving you some trouble then you need to try a different approach.

1. If you have a bathtub, wear your jeans and sit in the bathtub filled with lukewarm water for at least 10 minutes.

2. In case you’re unable to wear the jeans or don’t have a bathtub, just soak the jeans in a bucket or a sink filled with lukewarm water for 10 minutes. Then wear the wet jeans and try to button and zip them.

3. Move around in these jeans, try to sit and walk or even run if needed. Move the area that needs more stretching. You need to have these jeans on for at least one hour.

4. Now remove the jeans and hang it to dry.

5. You should now have jeans that are better fitting than before.

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