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Babies tend to be in the breech position (upside down) several times throughout the pregnancy but when a baby stays in the breech position towards the end of the pregnancy then it is termed as a breech baby. There are certain complications related to this like lack of oxygen supply to the baby’s brain, higher chances of C-section and so on. But it is possible to try and turn the baby around to the right birthing position using various methods during the 30 to 37 week period, some of which are listed below.

1. Breech Tilt

Breech tilt will help the baby in tucking his or her chin inwards which is the first step towards turning around. The easiest way of doing a breech tilt is to lay on the ground push your hips up so that you’re able to elevate your hips at least 9 inches above your head. Make sure to use pillows do this. The best time to do this is on an empty stomach and when you feel like your baby is active in the womb.

2. Knee to chest

For this position, sit on your knees on the floor or a soft surface and then rest your forearms on the ground. Stick your butt out and tuck your chin in. You need to hold this position for a few minutes and for results you need to do this everyday. This will help your baby somersault into the right position as your uterus expands giving him more space.

3. Swimming

Swimming is known to help many women flip the position of their babies. The front crawl, breaststrokes, front and back flips are really effective in getting your baby to move. The weightlessness and the way your body moves underwater will really help in changing the breech position.

4. Hot and Cold packs

Applying hot packs to the bottom and a cold pack to the top of the uterus can actually encourage the baby from moving away from the cold sensation to the hot one which might make the baby flip. You can use temperature changing gels or just frozen vegetables.

5. Music therapy

You can play different sounds to your baby that are specially curated for unborn babies by placing the headphones on the lower part of the belly or you can also encourage your husband to talk to the baby by placing their mouths close to your belly. 

Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriately certified medical or healthcare professional.  

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