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How To Tell If Your Child Is Gifted?

It’s not just your child’s IQ or the marks she or he scores on his tests that determine if you’ve given birth to a smart kid. There are a few signs you can look for even before your child starts going to school, that point to a genius. Determining if your child is gifted as early as possible is important so that you can enroll them in appropriate institutions that help them use these abilities for greater good. 

1. Great memory

Children in general tend to remember weird and strange facts that an adult might forget easily about. But gifted children have a knack for remembering events and people to the last bone. Your child would’ve seen a person for the first time but will be able to recall every detail about that person even after months. Maybe they’ll start quoting a line from a TV show or a movie they watched. Most gifted children have a photographic memory.

2. Early developmental milestones

If you compare your child with other kids the same age, you may notice that he spoke his first word much sooner or that he started walked a month or two before everyone else did. These are tell-tale signs that your baby might grow up to be a genius.

3. Amazing vocabulary

Your child might start picking up words from your everyday conversations and even use them effortlessly in a sentence. At the age of 3 or 4, when all the kids are still learning how to pronounce simple words like ‘CAT’ or an ‘APPLE’, your child will be blazing through by using his extensive vocabulary knowledge. It’s important to note that vocabulary doesn’t just pertain to English, it could be that your kid is speaking fluently in his own mother tongue or the language you use in your household.

4. Questions, Questions and more questions

Every child is curious about her surroundings and tends to ask her parents questions. But a gifted child will go a step beyond and ask questions that will help them understand the people and the environment around them because they have a genuine desire to learn. If could something as simple as ‘Why is daddy angry?’ or can even be ‘What was the writer of this song thinking when he sang it?’.

5. Interested in music, art or drama

Most gifted children need an outlet to let their creativity flow. So, they might take an immediate interest to music, art or drama. Because of their active imagination, they won’t have a problem coming up with something to draw, catch a tune or put themselves in hypothetical situations.

6. Doesn’t mind being alone

Your child might love playing with his friends but he also appreciates being left alone with his thoughts. Gifted children don’t easily get bored because they have a lot on their mind. They will find something like painting or playing puzzles to occupy themselves.

Once your child joins a school, the quickness with which she understands new concepts, her ability to question everything and how attentive she is in class will tell you a lot about how smart your child is.

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