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How To Take Care Of Your Skin Postpartum

Himalaya FOR MOMS

A woman’s life completely changes after she becomes a mother. Her whole world starts to revolve around her baby. This is normal since your baby cannot do anything on their own yet. But new mothers need to take care of themselves too. Recovery after birth is important and new moms need to take it slow until full recovery.

Here are a few things that might slip a new mother’s mind:

1. Take it easy!

New mothers are often really stressed out. Ask your friends and family for help with your baby for a while and use that time to relax and do what you like. Like treating yourself to a gentle massage. Himalaya Toning Massage Oil which the calming fragrance of lavender can help relax.

2. Choosing the products

Himalaya FOR MOMS products

One thing to keep in mind is that you are going to be holding your baby close to you all the time. So you have to ensure that the ingredients in the products you use are safe. Himalaya FOR MOMS products are safe as they are made specifically for pregnant and new mothers with gentle herbal ingredients.

3. Catch up on your sleep

Instead of getting your chores done while your baby sleeps, try catching up on your sleep. It is alright to not do the dishes 3 times a day, every day. It is alright to leave the room looking messy once in a while. Ask for help from your family when you need to and get some sleep. This way you will have enough energy to actually take care of your little one.

4. Drink more water for better skin

The key step in postpartum recovery is staying hydrated. Make sure to drink enough water in the months following your delivery. This will not only help with recovery - it will also help with your breast milk supply. Your baby doesn’t eat or drink anything for the first few months. Your baby is dependent solely on breast milk. So make sure to drink enough water.

5. Start exercising more

It is important to start exercising postpartum, but only with your doctor’s approval. When you are starting out, go with light exercises such as walking. You can also try doing a few simple yoga asanas under the guidance of an expert. Exercising will help you maintain your weight and energy levels postpartum. It will also help with the effects of the hormones returning back to normal levels.

6. Take care of your private parts

Post delivery, it is very important to maintain hygiene in your private area to ensure it heals completely. You can use Himalaya Intimate Wash to cleanse the intimate area and maintain freshness. Use it during bath time and also after using the restroom. Also, always carry a pack of Himalaya Intimate Wipes to use on the go.

Following these tips will help you recover faster postpartum. Himalaya FOR MOMS products are your best companion for postpartum recovery. They are made just for moms, with the goodness of herbal ingredients, keeping in mind all the worries that a new mother has. Happy parenting!

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