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How To Survive The Newborn Phase?

You’ve had your baby in your womb for 9 long months and after a hard and painful labour, you have your little one in your arms. The tough part is done, right? Well, not quite yet.

If you’re a new parent, you’re likely to be uncertain regarding many things that parenthood throws your way so it’s better to be prepared in advance to meet these challenges.

1. Lactation consultants

Although breastfeeding is natural, not all moms will be able to do it effortlessly and that’s completely okay. If you’re uncomfortable breastfeeding your child because of the latching position or any other reason, then consult a lactation expert who can help you out a great deal. You can ask your gynaecologist to recommend a lactation consultant.

2. Keep a poop schedule

‘Is my baby gaining weight?’, ‘Am I not breastfeeding my baby enough?’ - These are some of the most asked questions by new moms. Every time you take your baby to a paediatrician, the weight is monitored on a chart. A great way of determining if your baby is growing healthily is to keep a schedule of your baby’s feeding and pooping habits. Keep a note of feeding time and the number of dirty diapers in a day. You should also keep an eye on the consistency of the poop. All these things will come in handy during regular consultations with the paediatrician.

3. Umbilical cord care

For the first few weeks, you need to extra take care of your baby’s umbilical cord. While diapering your baby, fold the top few inches of the diaper so that it doesn’t come in contact with the umbilical cord. Make sure the stump is dry, you don’t necessarily have to clean it every day. By the time your baby hits the 2-month mark, this stump will fall off.

4. Bath time

Since newborns are very delicate, it becomes a little complicated to give them a bath. Use a soft sponge to scrub your little one from head to toe. Place your baby on a flat, comfortable surface and by supporting the baby’s neck using your arms. Then softly run a wet washcloth or sponge over your baby’s body. You also don’t have to bathe your baby every day.

5. To-do lists

To-do lists are that waves of calm in a sea of chaos. If you like to stay organized, you need to have sticky notes plastered all over your house. Buy a bunch of memo pads, sticky notes, planners and whatever else you need to write down stuff - From getting your baby a haircut to taking him to the paediatrician, note it down and you probably won’t forget it.

6. Keep your calm

There will be certain parenting situations that will stress you out. It’s important to maintain your chill during these times. Everything will work out in the end. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the responsibilities on your shoulders - Ask for help! Don’t wait for your loved ones to offer help, they might not know that you’re in need of a helping hand in the first place. 


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