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Giving birth is an overwhelming experience in a woman’s life. Although a natural process, the body takes a heavy toll after delivery. As per a recent study, it has been found that as many as 90 percents of all women tend to face lower back pain during pregnancy, while 75 percent of women face back pain post-delivery. In half of the pregnancies, women continue to face lower back pain for three months or more after giving birth. Without proper care, the back pain can throw life in jeopardy. Strengthening the back postpartum should, therefore, be worked upon at the earliest upon post-delivery. Here is a list of some exercises to get started.

Tripod row: 

This is a simple exercise to strengthen the back. Two dumbbells should be held on both the hands. A person should get down on all fours with both the wrists under the shoulders. The right leg should be extended, and left elbow should be bent drawing the body weight towards the left ribs. The weight should be lowered, and the same set of instructions should be followed for the other half of the body to complete one cycle.

Ball squat:

 Stand with a stability/ exercise ball by resting it against the wall. Follow this by walking the feet out in front and the hand placed on both the thighs. The squatting should be continued till the thighs are placed parallel to the ground. This should be followed up by slowly rising up against the ball till the arms reach the overhead. A set of 10 such squats should be done in one go.

Lying March: 

The exercise requires a person to lie faceup with both the knees bent at a perpendicular position with hips aligned. The arm should be extended at both sides with palms firmly placed on the ground. In the next step, pull in the abs and lower the right foot till it touches the ground. The right leg should be raised to the starting position and the cycle should be repeated for the left side of the body to complete the cycle.

Fly to tri:

 A person should hold two dumbbells in both the hands by lying down in a face-up position with the heels placed on a chair or a ball. The arms should be extended over the chest, palms should face each other and the elbows should be in a slightly bent position. The weights should be put down to both the sides by going back to the initial position. Bend the elbows and lower the weights towards the head. Both the arms should be rested again to come to the starting position.

Curl to press: 

A dumbbell should be held in both the hands by sitting on a chair or stability ball with bent knees and feet firmly placed on the ground. Extend the arms at both the sides with a forward-facing palm. Both the weights should be curled towards the shoulder. Follow this up by rotating the palms while pressing the dumbbells overhead. The motion should be reversed to get back to the starting position.

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