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How To Stay Madly in Love Even With A Child On Board

It is no secret that a baby changes the relationship between the couple, radically. The bulk of their time is spent is catering to the needs of the baby and they have very little time left to themselves.

Here, we tell you how to adjust to these new demands and still find time to nurture your bond to keep the love alive, even after your baby is on board.

1. Make a date and make it happen

Your schedules may have been busy even before the baby and now you may be taking turns to care for the little one. This comes at the expense of totally sacrificing your 'couple time'. By having a date night, you are connecting with each other by spending quality time with your partner. Set a beautiful table for dinner that you have taken turns cooking for each other or together. The idea is to make alone time with your partner a regular occurrence, one that is prioritised and doesn’t get bumped aside.

2. Go for a romantic stroll

Once you’ve put your baby to sleep, go out for a walk and let the stars and the fresh air do their magic. It is also healthy for the child, while he/she is sleeping in the stroller. You and your partner can talk about your day and enjoy the moonlit path. Make sure that you choose a silent street or a park, and not let the lights and traffic disturb your baby.

3. Show your affection

Remember all the little things that your partner did and you fell madly in love with them. With passing time, you may have started taking those things for granted. Now is the time to once again learn and start appreciating your partner for everything they did for you to give you every ounce of happiness you deserve.

4. Give your partner a day off

Volunteer to do the chores for your partner and let them have some free time, if not a whole day. This can be done in turns. Giving them time to spend with their friends or take a nap, while you take care of the baby, will help them regain their energy. It will also make them realise that you value them and their contribution and do not take them for granted. Also, your efforts to build the love in your relationship would be much appreciated by your partner.

5. Have a little conversation, every day

Take at least about five minutes to connect with your partner, every day. It is easy to lose track of happenings in each other’s lives once you get busy with the baby. Don’t let this create a communication gap between you two. Take at least five minutes each day to ask your spouse about his day and have them ask about yours. Also, make sure that during this time, you both have each other’s undivided attention. Listen without judgement to what your partner is telling you. Try to put yourself in their shoes and you’ll be surprised at how a little empathy can go a long way in keeping you both connected.

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