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Newborn care: How to soothe a crying newborn!


Crying is common in new-born babies. It occurs because they are not used to the new environment and the feeling of hunger is new to them. In the womb, things are different from the outside world. In the outside world, they are exposed to many external stimuli which make them feel uncomfortable leading them to cry, but there are many ways in which you can soothe your crying baby!

1. Swaddling/ baby burrito

Wrapping your baby up with a thin lightweight cloth to keep him/her warm is a great way to soothe him/her. You also need to wrap her arms across her chest. It will make your baby feel cozy and comfortable.

Here's when your wrapping skills come in handy.


2. Shhhh

You might not believe it, but shushing actually helps because it resembles the sound of when the baby was inside the womb. This gives them a feeling of belonging and they feel a kind of peacefulness.

You don’t need to use your index finger though


3. Swinging/Rock-a-bye baby

Swinging and rocking your baby rhythmically really helps soothe him/her. He/she will feel pleasant. You can use a rocking chair or a baby swing to cool him/her down.

Your baby will be cuter than this dog.


4. Invest in a pacifier or 4

Pacifiers have helped many parents over the years, it immediately soothes the baby. Babies have strong sucking needs they may even suck on their thumbs.

Pacify your baby!


5. Check your diet

Your diet could cause your baby gas that makes them uncomfortable. Watch what you eat and eliminate dairy, caffeine, onions and other irritating foods from your diet. This affects the milk that your baby feeds on.

You just cannot, your diet matters now.


6. Head outside

Take your baby outside for some fresh air. The rustling of the leaves or the calm wind might calm him/her or it will distract him/her and get him/her to stop crying. It will be a good change of environment as well. Taking them out in the car or the bike can really help them.

Use the opportunity go some place you like too!


7. Massage your baby

Massaging your baby can remove any gas or irritation your baby is feeling and help him/her stop crying.

Massaging can be a good skill to have!


8. Make some noise

Although the baby has been inside the womb for 9 months, he/she is used to movement and noise. So it’s good to place your baby in a portable bassinet and place them on the washing machine just to shake them a bit. It really makes them feel better.

Just not like this and not so hard.


9. Maybe colic

Your baby may be suffering from colic which cause him/her to cry. If your baby cries for more than 3 hours a day, 3 days a week, for more than 3 weeks you may need to consult a doctor. Rule out any possibilities.

Check for everything the crying will stop.


10. Go dark

Switching off the tv and the light also works at times. Babies tend to feel uncomfortable because of too much stimulation so it’s your baby might feel better with the lights off.

Turning off the lights could mean bed time.


Crying is normal especially in the first few months. Try all these techniques. Each baby is different and different methods work on different babies find out which suits you best and keep trying. IF in a few months your baby does not stop crying at all consult medical help.

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