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How To Soothe A Crying Baby - The Complete Guide

Trying to soothe a crying and fussy baby is nothing short of a Herculean task. There can be a myriad of reasons that result in a crying baby, the most common of which include hunger, insecurity or not finding their parents around for a long time, staying in a wet nappy for too long, bodily discomfort (such as stomach ache), to name a few. At times, the situation gets so severe that it becomes almost impossible to soothe the baby, leaving both the mother and the baby agitated. For parents who find it difficult to manage a crying baby, here are a few useful tips to help bring a smile back to the baby's face. 

The problem with babies is that they fail to express themselves well. Thus, parents or the babysitter needs to be a little alert. Being able to identify the exact cause of their discomfort can work wonders to calm down the baby without much struggle.

- Refrain from keeping the baby in a noisy room or where is a lot of chaos. Such things tend to agitate the baby easily with incessant crying being the obvious outcome. One should also take care that the baby room is neither too hot or cold as the extreme temperature can at times cause uneasiness among babies.

- When the baby starts crying, try to breastfeed them. If they are hungry, breastfeeding will contribute significantly to soothe the baby. In fact, mothers should ensure that the baby is not left hungry or without breastfeeding for long. The best would be to breastfeed the baby around the same time every day.

- For babies crying out of insecurity, holding the baby close to your body (maximum physical contact) can play a pivotal role to make them feel secure, thereby soothing them to a great extent. Cradling, swaying, rocking (forward and backward movement), talking or singing to the crying baby are also known to bear fruitful results. In fact, playing some music, preferably light and soft, have often been found to produce a soothing effect on the agitated baby.

- Sometimes, babies cry when kept in a wet dress or a leaky diaper for too long. Thus, check the baby's dress and diapers at regular intervals and change them whenever necessary.

- Ensure that there is less disturbance when the baby is sleeping. Lack of a sound sleep can spoil their mood extensively. If the baby wakes up in between and starts crying, lift them up from the cot and gently stroke their hair until they go back to sleep.

- Sometimes even a warm bath can go a long way to soothe the agitated baby. Alternately, one can also wipe the baby's face and body with a moist cloth.

While all the above-mentioned tips are often instrumental to calm down a crying baby, consult a physician in case

1. Nothing seems to soothe the baby.

2. There is mild to moderate fever.

3. The baby has been crying around the same time every day without any genuine reasons. 

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