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How To Solve Tummy Troubles In Babies

When your baby arrives into this world, you would have had mixed emotions, ranging from sheer joy to sheer terror. In times, you might have been on cloud nine looking at your baby’s smile and in other times, you might have pulled out your hair looking at your baby crying inconsolably. There might be many reasons for your baby to be super-cranky and fussy but the most of the reasons are related to tummy. Since the digestive system of your little one is busy learning how to process the nutrients and waste, it is no wonder some tummy troubles tend to pop up. To soothe such troubles of the baby belly, here are a few tips. 

Baby massage: Since the digestive system of the baby is immature, sometimes an external aid is required to keep the things moving smoothly. In such cases, a soothing baby massage can come to rescue. Infant baby massage is a natural way to resolve tummy trouble of your baby. To help your baby, a 15-minute protocol of moderate pressure massage need to be followed. Massage the skin on the face, abdomen, and limbs.

A warm bath or towel: a warm bath or a warm towel could ease the stomach problem. It could often help your baby to feel relaxed and help in bowel movement as well. Also, avoiding the tight pants, diapers or waistbands could help your child to stay at comfy.

Tummy time: Tummy time is a great way to bond with your child. Along with strengthening the baby’s head and neck muscles, tummy time also puts pressure on the tummy. This could be one of the soothing mechanism for kids.

Move it and bicycle the baby’s legs: Cycling with the baby’s legs is one of the best techniques to release the gas that is trapped inside your little one’s tummy. Do the exercises such as bending the legs, bringing the knees to tummy and cycling using baby’s legs.

Proper Latching: If you are breastfeeding and if your baby latches poorly, he could swallow air along with the milk. This could cause gas, bloating. So, ensure your baby is latching properly. Otherwise, consult the lactation consultant to adjust latch or to find out if tongue-tie is a contributing factor in poor latching

Avoid oversupply of breastmilk: If you have an oversupply of breastmilk, your child might overfeed causing gassiness or stomach upset. So, to avoid causing tummy trouble, ensure that your child empties one side breast and then shift to the other breasts. This aids your baby to get all of the hind-milk which is a stomach-soothing milk. In case if it is necessary, the lactation consultant could help you to get your supply under control.

Don’t overfeed: Not all the babies unlatch as soon as their tummy is full. Also, babies unlatch easily while breastfeeding unlike with the bottle feeding. Your baby’s stomach is ideally of the size of the fist. So, only a small amount of food at a time would fill his stomach.

No distractions during feeding: Feeding without interruptions such as noises, bright lights, movements, and other distractions could help your baby to concentrate on what he is feeding. So, ensure the surroundings is calm, quiet and leisurely.

Burping: Burping would let out the gas trapped inside and help your baby to relax. If one burping position doesn’t let the air come out, try using different burping positions such as laying baby on their tummy on your legs and patting the baby’s back or holding the baby with your hand on their chest and leaning baby forward or over your shoulder. Also, let your child have frequent burping breaks to help your child indigestion.

Your diet matters too: If you are breastfeeding, whatever you eat, the child receives. So, keep watching carefully about what you eat. The common culprit of stomach issues in babies is the dairy product. The other foods that could make your baby fussy are fruits, veggies such as broccoli and brussels sprouts and garlic. But don’t eliminate the healthy food from your diet until and unless you are sure of the cause of the existing problem.

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