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How To Select The Best School Bag For Your Kids


Each one of us have our own share of likings, it could be a liking for a particular color, game, music, etc. This is not only applicable to adults but also kids. As per a study, infants begin to show a preference for color when they are just 12 weeks old. Once they grow a bit older and go to higher grades, their likings and preferences also begin to change. Kids also get easily inspired by others, which also includes other kids.

School bags are something that kids show off to other kids as they love their bags. Children should be comfortable carrying around their bags. The bag should neither be too big nor too small. Parents should ensure that the bag being chosen suits the child’s body built and his/her needs. A ‘one size fits all’ principle cannot be applied while choosing school bags and parents need to apply a lot of thought process before shortlisting any bag.

It also depends on the grade in which the child is studying. Toddlers can carry a small backpack whereas bigger kids can opt for bags with a trolley so that they do not have to carry the weight on their shoulders. Bigger kids spend a good amount of time in the school and carry a minimum of two tiffin boxes. Hence, they need a much bigger bag. On the other hand, teenage kids like trendy bags that can have their favorite cartoon on the bag.

Simple rule when choosing the bag is to give weightage to quality and your child’s preferences before purchasing the bag. Nowadays, backpack for kids is in demand as backpacks have multiple compartments to carry all the school essentials. Be it books, tiffin boxes, binders, clips, etc.; the zippered pockets help them keep organized.

Below are some of the points that you should consider when buying school bags or backpack for kids:

Preschool Kids

Kids in preschools do not carry books. Hence, you should choose school bags that are lightweight but have enough space to pack the required essentials that they carry regularly to school. Small backpacks for kids are ideal in such cases as they are easy to carry around due to their less weight.

A backpack of the size 14-by-10 inch that has a base of 5 inches should be sufficient to carry their books (if any), a lunch box, and a handkerchief (or towel) that they carry to school.

The other advantage of these small backpacks is that they can be easily converted to trolley bags. Hence, the bag can still be used easily, in case your child carries something more in the bag. Preschoolers also have their own preferences, so choose school bags or backpack for kids that are colorful and have their favorite cartoon characters in the bag.

Primary school kids

The preferences for choosing school bags for primary school kids are different from the selection rules that apply for toddlers (or preschoolers). Kids in middle school have to carry books and notebooks to school. Hence, choose a bag that is medium-sized and also has a trolley so that they can use the trolley functionality on a need basis.


Many kids in that age group develop liking for backpacks. As parents, you can give an extra handbag to your child so the load is divided and extra things like school projects can be kept in the extra bag. As kids at that age are involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities (including sports), carrying an extra bag is always recommended.

Teens or Middle school kids

Teens already have the maturity to make their own decisions and parents should only help them in the selection process. The middle school kids would only need feedback or inputs from you when choosing a backpack for kids. The only thing that you need to check is the sturdiness of the bag as the kid would be carrying a good number of books to school.

The number of tiffin boxes might be more in case the child has extra classes. Many of them go for tuitions after school and they prefer carrying the same bag to the classes. Hence, the backpack should have a good number of compartments so that things can be arranged systematically. The weight of the bag should not affect their shoulders, so always choose a backpack that has trolley support.

You should select a bag that has an in-built rain cover to shield the pack from rain. Shoulder webbing with an elastic band, side pocket for a water bottle, and padded back system are some of the essentials that should be looked into when doing the bag selection.

The bag should be trendy as well as durable. As teens may use this bag in further standards, opt for quality unisex backpacks from a known brand like Wiki from Wildcraft India Pvt. Ltd.


To summarize, parents should choose a backpack for kids and school bags that are sturdy & durable, have a good number of compartments, have good color & texture, and that can be carried around in a comfortable manner.

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