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How To Raise An Introverted Child In An Extroverted World

The world we live in is mostly extrovert-friendly. There are very few places that actually appeal to the minds of introverts. When people think of fun things to do, most would think of going to a party or a concert. Introverts find those kinds of events to be super stressful and would rather spend time by themselves at home, watching a movie or reading a book. They do like hanging out with their close circle of friends but they don’t like having forced conversations or engaging in small talk with new people.  

If you are an extroverted parent, it might be difficult to understand why your child likes being by himself/herself all the time. You like being social and mingling with new people but your little one simply doesn’t like forced interactions and would rather spend his/her emotional energy in forging meaningful relationships. If you are an introvert, however, it might be a lot easier for you to figure out what your child needs and what they like. Whether you understand them or not, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind when raising an introverted child. 

1. Do not force them to talk

If they are not comfortable talking to somebody, don’t force it. When introverts are put under pressure to talk to people, they just get a lot more anxious and it won’t go too well. Instead, let them take their own time to talk. They will talk to people when they feel comfortable enough to do so.

2. Do call their friends home

An introvert’s friends are often a special lot. They are chosen by the introvert to be nice and trustworthy people. An introvert’s friends will stick around too because introverts are the best friends you can ever find. These friends are really important to your child, which is why you should invite them over to your house so that they can bond. This way, their friends would also grow closer to your child and would have each other’s backs when they are out at school or at the park.

3. Do not scold them in public

Every kid makes mistakes. If your introverted child makes a mistake, avoid correcting them in public. You can instead resort to correcting them when you are alone with them at home. Making a scene in public will have a terrible effect on an introverted child as they don’t like receiving all that attention from strangers.

4. Do let them take breaks at social events

It is normal for introverts to sometimes feel exhausted from having too much of social interactions. During a social event, if you think your child is starting to look tired, bored or drowsy, simply take them to the bathroom for a minute or outside for some fresh air. This will allow their brain to relax and help them feel awake and fresh again.

5. Do not label your child as a shy child

Introverts are quieter than extroverts but this is not because they are shy. Calling an introvert shy is wrong because it has a negative meaning to it. Shyness is when you are simply unable to get over the discomfort and uneasiness of talking to people. Introverts, however, are able to talk to people - they are just selective about who they talk to and how long they can keep talking.

6. Do ask them if they need help

Your child is probably never going to ask for help because it isn’t in an introvert’s nature to do so. They may not tell you if they are faced with an issue at school or with a friend so it is important for you to keep asking them about what is going on in their lives. Just avoid making it seem like an interrogation - ask them casually. 

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