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How To Prep Your Child For Bed Time

For a parent, the night challenge can prove to be daunting. Getting the kid to go to bed and sleep often proves to be an uphill task. There is no denying the fact that sleep is essential for a kid’s development and growth. If a child is sleep deprived, he/she tends to be hyper and irritable which eventually may lead to other behavioural issues. Lack of sleep can lead to problems in concentration and increase in weight for the baby. Maintaining regular bedtime schedule is therefore of paramount experience. Here is how a parent can do it. 

A Family bedtime schedule: You can't expect a child to develop proper sleeping habits and retire to bed early when everybody else stays wide awake till late at night. It is thus vital to have a bedtime schedule for the whole family (which includes the weekends as well). By following a bedtime schedule, your child will fall into a long-term discipline, benefiting them immensely. Make the kid understand how they could contribute to the overall plan of the family. For a toddler, it is just a matter of time till he/she gets used to the daily sleeping schedule.

Deal with sleep disorders: Sleep disorders are pretty common among toddlers. While some babies might sleep early and wake up early, others may wake up multiple times during the night. Some babies can also have breathing troubles when he/she sleeps. Many others may also have a habit of snoring or making a loud noise while sleeping. In such a case, waste no time and seek medical assistance at the earliest. Timely medical care can work wonders to provide relief from the sleep disorders thereby improving your child's sleeping habits.

Bedtime meal: Many times children are unable to enjoy a sound sleep and wake up at regular intervals out of hunger. Many doctors recommend that toddlers below the age of 5 years should have more than three small meals a day. A small meal/ snack (such as crackers, whole-grain cereal, a piece of fruit, graham crackers, to name a few) before bedtime will help to keep the baby fuelled to pass through the night. For the maximum benefit of your child make sure that the snack before bedtime is small, light, and easy to digest.

Temperature and dress: A tight or synthetic dress can affect your child's sleep. Instead, fit him/her into a dress that they are comfortable with while sleeping. Cotton clothing is a good start. As far as temperature is concerned, it is essential that the baby's room is devoid of extreme temperatures (hot or cold).

A personal comforter: Since bedtime is the time of separation, a kid must have a reassurance object to comfort her (such as a doll, blanket, teddy bear, or any other favourite toys or objects). Objects like these can be reassuring and provide a sense of security to the little one when the mom kisses him/her goodbye.

Sleep environment: For a baby to have a sound sleep, it is essential to maintain a good sleep environment. The level of noise in the house should be the lowest. The bedroom should be reasonably dark. However, for babies who are uncomfortable or are afraid to sleep in a dark room, install a small night light to have faint visibility.


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