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How To Overcome The Overwhelming Feeling Of Being A New Mom

It has been a stressful 9 months for you.

Being pregnant is never easy, but hey, you asked for it!

During the span of your pregnancy, there are a lot of things you would experience, sometimes usual stuff and at other times, you just have no idea what's going on.

Of course, you would have gotten down the usual do's and don'ts from your doctors and your well-wishers.

You will go through a lot of unbelievable things, experiences changes in your bodies that you just can't explain, and the constant nagging feeling that you might do something to hurt the baby.

But, you would soldier through all that and finally get ready for the big day, when you get to meet your special little one.

As prepared as you think you are for the big day, you will be overwhelmed by the feelings you experience at the time.

It would suddenly hit you, you are a MOM from now on.

Your priorities are all changed.

You will feel an emotion only exclusive to Moms towards your child.

Now, as prepared as you think you are, you will almost definitely be overwhelmed when all of this happens. Especially, if this is your first time.

In order for you to cope with all these changes, here are a few things that will help you:

- Once you have your baby and you are in recovery, take a moment to process everything you have gone through and everything you have gained. Take it all in and relive it 3 times at least.

- Take all the time you need to understand what you are going through and talk it out with someone you trust to your satisfaction, preferably to your spouse.

- After you do the above, talk to your doctor and the nurses, absorb everything they have to advise you about, and what precautions you need to take. Don't let anything go until you are satisfied with your explanation.

- Talk to your MOM, ask her what all she went through with you, and ask her what and all you need to have prepared beforehand. Listen to her and take her help as much as possible as well.

- Sit with your husband and start a plan for you and your family. Make a timeline for what needs to be done and make an outline of it.

- Make a list of all the stuff you need to take care of your baby. Never, Never ever be short on these supplies, because it could lead to a lot of active damage control and sleepless nights.

- Before you check out, run through everything in your mind and work out all the kinks with your spouse or your doctor/nurse.

- Most importantly, grill the doctors about any bad signs you should be on the lookout for, with your baby. You never know, a newborn can catch anything anywhere and become harmful to him/her.

If you are wondering how you can accomplish all this with all the fatigue you have.

Simple, just take the little one into your embrace and watch him/her for a minute and all the fatigue and tiredness will just wash away.

The reason for you to do it then is because your hormones will be going crazy in your body and you can put them to use by thinking and doing something.

Lastly, just because you gave birth to your baby doesn't mean you would have to undertake everything. There will definitely be a lot of people around you(your spouse included) to make your life easier, delegate some of your load onto them and take care of yourself in these short terms.

"Your baby to you is your world".
No doubt, but remember the intimate bond between you and your baby, "You are going to be the world to your baby as well". So, please take a little time here and there and take care of yourself as well.

We hope this has been helpful to you in some amount and our best wishes go out to you MOMS!

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