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How To Manage Work While Being Pregnant?

Being pregnant can appear to be a full-time job for many women. It becomes all the more difficult for those who are gainfully employed. While there is no harm in working during the period of pregnancy, it is important to be cautious and be comfortable at the office. The trick is to adjust few working habits to accommodate the discomfort of pregnancy. Here is a laundry list of pregnant women that can pay rich dividends to juggle pregnancy and work at the same time.

Break the news as soon as possible

Many women tend to hesitate on breaking the news of the pregnancy to their colleagues. While some wait for one trimester some wait even further to disclose the news of the pregnancy. It is wise to announce the news as early as possible. The help of colleagues and supervisor goes a long way in:

a. Getting a comfortable work-station

b. Support for fighting nausea, numbness, fatigue and other discomfort related to pregnancy

Consume a healthy diet

A balanced and healthy diet is a pre-requisite for pregnancy. For a working woman, it becomes even more critical to eat right. Owing to the busy schedule working women often tends to overlook the importance of eating nutritious foods. To cope up with the stress and work pressure, it is necessary to keep the energy levels up. Intake of carbohydrate, protein in food items such as cheese, soya, fruits, yogurt, chicken breast can be very helpful.

Wear comfortable outfits

While office attires remain to be completely formal in most of the workplaces, it should be ensured that loose fitting clothes are put on to avoid any pressure on the fetus. Loose fitting clothes facilitate normal breathing and being comfortable at all times. It helps to stay productive while working without any discomfort.

Be hydrated

Out of all the beverages out there, water is the single most hydrating agent that is beneficial for a pregnant woman on many counts. For a starter, water helps to avoid premature pregnancy and early labor. It helps to negate nausea, vomiting, and shortness of breath. Water also keeps the baby healthy and ensures that a woman is flushing out the unwanted and toxic substances from the kidney.

Take small breaks

While every office has its own charm, sometimes pregnant women end up wasting a lot of non-productive hours. Be it during the lunch hours or with the gossips near the water cooler. Add to this the usual rush of deadlines and meetings. At the end of the day, a woman gets a little breather from the schedule. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that she takes small but frequent breaks and take a stroll around the office. This would help her in many ways:

1. It gives her the much-needed exercise that she is likely to miss daily

2. It helps the baby to stretch without getting cramped

3. It helps the would-be-mom to digest better

Make hand-wash a regular practice

This might sound like a no-brainer, but a lot of pregnant women either forget or do not take the habit of hand-wash very seriously. Keeping hands clean is very important for the mother as well as the baby. It negates any microbes getting into the digestive tract and keeps the mother and the baby free from infections.

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