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How To Make Your Child Gain Weight

Many parents are worried about their child’s weight. While obesity is a huge epidemic among many children due to changing lifestyles and diet preferences, being underweight is also an overlooked issue. Your child’s weight will set a base for their future and can affect the way they perform at school activities and other sports.

There are quite a few ways to help your child gain weight. Try to stick to natural methods and a gradual weight gain. Remember that the process will take time and you need to be patient and consistent throughout.

Consult your physician.

At times, it may so happen that your child may not be gaining weight due to some underlying immune condition. If your child simply does not gain weight despite all your best efforts, consult a professional. The doctor may help you identify the underlying issue that may be preventing your child from gaining weight. They might even recommend a solution to counter the problem.

Induce nutrient rich snacks and foods.

This is extremely basic but needs to be emphasized. Kids these days love to eat processed food and junk, or snacks that claim to be ‘healthy’. Many parents fall in this trap as well. Instead of allowing your kids to eat packaged snacks, try to make snacks at home. This will not only ensure that you control all the ingredients that go into the making of a recipe, but will also help you maintain hygiene and feed your child nutritious food.

High-calorie diet.

Most people like to watch their calories in order to control their weight. But since you are trying to help your child gain weight, try to increase the calories in their diet. Make sure you introduce healthy calories as much as possible - avoid calories from sugar and refined foods. Avocados, smoothies, fruits, butter, chocolate, and yoghurt are great sources of healthy calories. Make sure that your child does not fill up on beverages. Doing this will leave very little place in their stomach for proper food.

Small, frequent meals.

If your kids are not willing to eat too much food in one go, let them have small meals, but more often. This technique is proven to help people reach and maintain a healthy weight. Having small and frequent meals will keep them nourished without stuffing them, and also allow them to eat another meal after a little while. Try to make meals interesting by cooking up new and innovative dishes once in a while. 

These are just a few techniques that can help your child gain weight. Make sure that you only try safe and doctor-recommended methods when you want to make your child gain weight. Most importantly, do not fall prey methods that promise quick results. Encourage your children to eat healthy food to ensure a healthy weight gain.

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