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How To Make Your Baby Smile! :)

All a parent wants is to see their baby smile. They do everything they can to keep them feeling safe and happy. Seeing a smile warm up on their face can feel like the baby is acknowledging the parent’s efforts and thanking them for it. It is no wonder why parents get upset when their babies cry despite all their efforts.

Sometimes, you may feel like your baby is just way too hard to please. They may seem to not want to smile no matter what you try to do. In reality, your baby is actually not very hard to figure out. They have a very simple mind and making them smile is easier than you think.

Here are a few ways you can make your little bundle of joy smile with glee:

1. Imitation is the best form of flattery

Get down on the floor with your baby and imitate their moves. If they wriggle around, wriggle with them. If they make gurgling noises, make them too. If they try to lift their head up to stare, do the same back. Then, just wait for that cute little giggle.

2. Play with your little one

No matter what you are doing - changing diapers, feeding your baby, etc - make sure you pay attention to your baby. They might giggle when you touch a certain part of their ear, neck or tummy. They may also smile when you bop their nose or make a funny sound.

3. Use colourful distractions

Babies love looking at different bright colours. So use any colourful baby-safe toys you have as a way to make them smile. Rattles are great since they are brightly coloured and they make cute sounds too.

4. Smile at your baby

They weren’t wrong when they said that a smile is contagious. Your baby loves looking at your face as much as you love looking at your baby. So whenever you look at them, it is important to greet them with a big bright smile. This way they will learn to smile back at you to show they are happy too!

5. Gentle stretches and massages

Your baby enjoys stretching just much as you do. Gently stretch their arms over their head. Next, gently tug at their leg to stretch it and then bend at the knee towards their chest. Follow this up with a gentle massage all over their tiny body. Your baby will surely smile as you do this.

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