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How To Make Mom Friends Online!

Becoming a mom in today’s world can be both magical and confusing. Every mom deserves to have a mom friend to pour her heart out to and connect with but not everyone finds such a friend. It is not easy to find a mom who is in the same/similar motherhood track and lives nearby. So it is only natural for moms to seek online mom friends instead. They are much easier to find and it is so much easier to keep talking to them.

Online interactions are always fun and intense. You can add each other as friends on Facebook, like, react and comment on each other’s pictures, share pictures and audio messages on WhatsApp and even video call each other when you are both free. The best part is that your mom soulmate or best friend doesn’t even need to be living on the same continent for this to happen.

Finding a mom friend isn’t as hard as you think it might be. There are so many online mom communities and forums available that every mom can find a mom friend who is possibly in the exact same situation that she is in. So let’s take a look at a few great tips on befriending someone online:

TIP #1:

Don’t stick to group messaging only. Sure, sharing the occasional relatable forward or pictures can be a way to initiate conversations with moms, but you should also try contacting moms in the personal chat. If someone sends a nice forward on the group, reply to them in personal chat. This is a nice way to start conversations too. Remember to talk to them the way you would want someone to talk to you. Don’t say anything that is mean or may hurt the feelings of the other person.

TIP #2:

Making friends online is pretty simple. The only thing needed from your end is to spend some time in getting to know other moms. You can send a quick message while your baby is busy sleeping. The message could simply be an update about your baby. Remember to be yourself when you message them - this way you will be able to weed through the moms whom you can be real with and find moms whom you can actually count on and vent to.

TIP #3:

Don’t waste your time on those moms whom you don’t have much to talk about with or don’t give you enough time. You can stay friends with them but don’t waste your energy if you don’t think they are putting in the same efforts as you are. The same goes for moms who are judgemental or annoying. The one great thing about the internet is that you don’t HAVE to tolerate anyone who is being rude to you. It is difficult to avoid people in real-life but if someone gets on your nerves online, you can simply choose not to reply to them or even block them if they get on your nerves.

TIP #4:

Arrange a meet up if possible. Meeting someone in person will set the friendship in cement. If there is a mom who lives in the same city, is going through the same things as you are and you seem to have a lot in common, plan a meetup. This can be at a cafe or a park outside if it’s your first time meeting. You can also choose to meet at each other’s houses if you are comfortable with that. If your friend is hesitant to meet up at your house, don’t feel disheartened. There are a number of fake profiles online and it is only natural for them to want to meet outside first (cafe, mall, restaurant, etc). If you yourself are hesitant, then try to ask for a video call first or take your husband along for the first meeting (ask her to bring her partner and kids too).

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