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How to Make Family Dinner Times A Routine

How to make family dinner times a routine

In the fast paced world of today, most of the families are starved for time to spend in the company of each other. A family dinner presents the only time when we can reconnect with each other, leaving behind our individual pursuits - like work related emailing, completing homework, preparing presentations, etc.

Family dinners offer each members of the family a time to relax and instill in us a sense of who we are as a family. Sharing a meal with our loved ones is proven by the researchers to be good for health, the brain and spirit of all the family members. Regular family dinners have been linked with lower substance abuse, depression, teen anxiety, and higher performance at schools as well as workplace - along with an increase in self-esteem.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to make a family dinner a routine that is followed by all no matter what happens. Here are some tips that will help you in making it come true:

1. Set a regular time.

Set a regular time

Time is one of the biggest obstacles that always gets in the way of family get togethers. For this reason, you need to set a specific time for dinner and always stick to it. Ask everyone in your family to schedule their other tasks accordingly and always keep the time slot for dinner free. This way, no one will be making a quick call or running a small errand when dinner is ready.

2. Turn off the Television

Make sure that you have turned off the TV during meal time. Nothing spoils the sanctity of private family time like a howling Television show. It distracts everyone from enjoying each other’s company and engages them in pointless chatting about what is being telecasted. Also, try to keep mobile phones away from the dinner table. Nothing breaks the flow of a conversation like the sudden urge to check a notification.

3. Cook for everyone

No member of the family should feel left out at the dinner. Cook something that everybody enjoys or make sure that there is at least one dish for each member that is liked by them. You can also rotate the menu everyday as per the liking of each member.

4. Eat at the table

Eating at the table makes it easier for everyone to engage in conversation as everyone is sitting close to each other. It provides a sense of intimacy to the family, bringing everyone closer together.

5. Keep everyone involved

Children, and also adults, will always feel like following the routine if they find themselves somehow involved in the whole process. To make sure this actually happens, you can ask one of your children to set-up the table - while the other one can help you in preparing the meals. After dinner, you can ask your spouse to help you with the dishes where you can talk to each other intimately.

Eating a meal together as a family is one of the most important things you can do for your kids. It will instill in them a tradition that will be followed for long and keeping the family bonded. Also remember that it is never too late to start a routine dinner for the family. All you need to do is to find an appropriate time that suits your family the best! 

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