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How To Make Child Birth Easier In The Final Month

Your baby bump is on point and that marks the beginning of the end of your pregnancy. It sounds riddle like as this phase itself is quite emotionally confusing for mommies especially the first time moms. You have a lot of pressure built up on yourself be it the responsibility of a mother and the pain that she has to go through to bring the most important person into the world.

So every woman around you would tell you at least 101 ways to handle pregnancy in your final days with the bump. And therefore you have to be strong physically and mentally, both.

Here are the best tips to deal with the final few days of your pregnancy:

Changes in your health:

1.You will feel extremely constipated as whatever nutrients you’re consuming get absorbed by your baby. Hence, the less poopy sessions.

2.Regular exercising regimes to regulate the contractions and your breathing.

3. Also, you’ll urinate more often.

Ways You can reduce the pain during delivery

Labor can become tedious and really painful if you aren’t prepared to give birth. So, you have got to take tiny steps towards having a less painful delivery with the following tips:

1.Know your dates

If you want to avoid medication to get into labor, you should eat a lot of dates in your last month. It helps in the dilation of the cervix and it contains oxytocin which helps in easing the contractions.


Labor is painful and it can be very exhaustive for the mind and body. It is essential that your body gets enough rest throughout the day. You can use fluffy pillows for the best support.

3. Strong legs

You need to have a relatively easy time in the labor room and being in the right position is really important to experience an easy delivery. If you have been exercising often and strengthening your leg muscles, pushing should be rather easy for you. Squatting is your to go exercise as it will strengthen your calf muscles giving you ample strength to bring your little one into the world.

4.Breath coordination

Practice deep breathing techniques in a calm and composed manner. It will help you in relaxation and ease you out in the 9th month especially as it is kind of stressful.

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