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How to Let Your Kid Know About Baby No. 2

When you find out that you are pregnant, it is almost impossible not to share the awesome and exciting news with everyone, at once, and while everyone will be happy to hear about it and congratulate you, there is one person who may not exactly feel nice about it. That person is your first child. It is really tricky to break the news of coming of a new child to your kid no. 1. Here are a few tips that might help your kid in being able to welcome his or her new baby sibling. 

Breaking the news: 

Tell them about the arrival of the new baby but not too soon. Keep it simple and do not try to over-explain things. Give them more information only if they ask for. Make sure you reassure them that the coming of the new baby will not affect how much you love them. Break the news in the later stages of pregnancy when they can literally see what is happening. This makes it easier for them to accept the truth and cope with it. When they see the big tummy of their mother, they get used to the idea of an extra person in the family.

Plan ahead: 

When you start planning for your second baby’s arrival well in advance, it helps in preventing the first kid to think that the new baby is taking all their place. If you want to change your kid’s room or furniture, do it early in the pregnancy. Do not tell them that their new baby will need their things, but rather tell them that as they have grown up, they need a bigger room and furniture. Encourage your child to make friends and play in groups. This way they learn to be around people and develop the social skills that they will require for a healthy relationship with their sibling.

Make them feel secure: 

The only reason that the toddlers make a fuss about the coming of a new baby is their insecurities. They feel insecure and it is the most natural thing in the world. They believe that you will not care for them anymore, and give all your attention to the new baby, and probably you will love their baby sibling more than them. You will need to talk them through it all. You need to win their trust and make them believe that they will always be important to you and you will always love them just as much as you do now. Feeling secure not only helps them being good with the baby, it is also a foundation stone for building self-confidence later in life. Keep in mind that these feelings can be badly shaken if they feel like a nuisance or a ‘nobody’ around the baby.

Make them involved: 

Involve them in the process of preparing for the baby’s welcome. Take them to the hospital along with you. Make them see the newborns and touch or hold them, if possible, and tell them stories about their birth. This way they will relate more to the baby. Take them to go shopping for the tiny baby yet to come, and try to get things that they pick for their sibling.

Accepting the baby: When your baby is finally born, encourage your kid to hold them. Kids feel responsible and important when they are allowed to hold the baby. Show your toddler how they can gently stroke the baby with their palm. Involve them in caring for the new baby as it lets you to spend time with your first kid while making them feel as a responsible big brother or sister.

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