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How To Keep Yourself From Yelling At The Kids

Kids are difficult to handle and so, naturally, parents are bound to lose patience. As adorable as they are, they can also be exasperating. Kids can only be controlled to a certain level and a few mishaps can never be avoided. Be it playing with water, breaking your phone or your glasses, for that matter.

It becomes imperative, under such circumstances to teach them the importance of proper behaviour. But while doing so, you mustn’t yell at them all too much. Constantly yelling and chastising them for the smallest of things is only going to make them immune to your scoldings and leave you wondering why your kids do not listen to you anymore.

Here are a few ways that will prevent you from yelling at the kids:

Keep your expectations in check.

Parents often expect too much of their kids in too little time. This can lead to the kids feeling burdened and ultimately not performing to their fullest. Just remember that they are little and still have a lot of time to get better at things that they are not doing so well in. It is alright for you to have expectations but expecting too much is going to benefit no one.

Find out the root of the issue.

Many a times, it is better to get to the very root of the issue in order to tackle it. If you get mad at your kids because they aren’t performing well in school, then you should probably ask them if they enjoy their classes and if there is anything that they would like help with. You yourself can tutor them and help them with topics that daunt them. This will not only solve the problem, but your kids will be more likely to come to you with their issues in the future, without feeling the need to hide them.

Count backwards.

This is a very old trick from the book but with a little twist. Counting backwards from 10 to 1 is easy, but have you ever tried saying A-Z backwards? Probably not. So, try to recite the alphabet backwards in your head and you will probably calm down due to the activity. Anger is only going to harm both parties, so figure out what works for you, and keep your temper in check.

Release excess energy.

Some parents, it seems, have a lot of residual energy stored up inside which bursts forth when they face minor inconveniences. Instead of yelling at your little ones, channel your energy better and join a gym or go for a walk. This will not only help you release that excess energy but also improve your health.

Ask for help.

Sometimes the frustration may get too much for you too handle. Taking care of kids is not an easy task and can get extremely difficult at times, especially if you have had no prior experience. In such a circumstance, ask for help. Ask your partner or relatives to help you with household chores or taking care of the kids for a few hours. Use this time to catch up on some rest so that you get refreshed.

Do you yell at the kids often? What do you do to avoid yelling?

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