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How To Keep Your Vagina Tight

Loosening of the vagina happens to every woman, either because of childbirth, menopause or simply because of aging. Though this is something that most people don’t talk about, it is very natural. A loose vagina causes sexual intercourse to feel rather unsatisfactory for both men and women, and life is too short to be having bad sex.

So, here are 3 ways in which you could tighten your vagina.

1. The natural method

For a lot of people, with the right diet and some regular glute and upper thigh workout, their vaginal muscles tighten up on their own. A product that you can try is V-Tight Gel, a natural cream that works by strengthening and tightening the pelvic floor muscles. This cream is formulated with natural and organic ingredients that are clinically proven to tighten vaginal muscles, restoring its firmness. One the most popular exercises for vaginal tightening is using vaginal cones. These are an excellent natural way to strengthen the walls of your vagina. The cones come with varying weights attached to them. The exercise, which should be done for 15 minutes two times a day, involves inserting a cone inside, starting with the lightest cone you can  retain, and slowing substituting it with a heavier one as your pelvic muscles start to get firm.

2. Organic therapies 

There are two main herbs that can help tighten your vaginal  muscles.

(a) Pueraria mirifica: It works to tighten your vaginal wall surfaces by enhancing genital tissue regrowth. This natural herb also stabilizes estrogen levels and neutralizes your hormone imbalances. Additionally, it helps shield your body against cancer cells.

(b) Curcuma comosa: This herb tightens the vaginal muscle mass and helps reduce future looseness by shielding against vaginal wall surface prolapse. It also aids and treats dry skin and hot flashes. Also, this herb minimizes menstrual cramps.

3. Kegel exercises                                                                                                         

Kegel exercises have been proven to work in tightening vaginal muscles and many women who have exercised their vagina muscles using this technique have seen a significant difference. You should keep in mind that you won’t see results overnight, and it can take weeks or even months to see some results. However, once you are in the habit of doing the kegel routine regularly, you win in the long run, because it tightens your vaginal muscles and is also a great way to have good control over your bladder.

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