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How To Keep Your Mind And Body Cool This Summer?

Are you looking for ways to keep yourself cool when the weather is breaking the temperature records? If yes then get ready to look ahead from pool parties and popsicles this summer that can give you a dose of real fun when half of your energy is being engulfed by the summer heat. As temperature soars, we discover 5 ways to keep your body and mind icy cool this summer.

Icy cool cup of peppermint tea

A low-cost move that can help you keep cool in the sweating heat is a brewing cup of icy cool peppermint tea. You can even mist your face with it whenever you want to add freshness to your face. The menthol in the tea works better than water in giving your body a cooling feel and gives your skin an instant radiance. Once you have prepared it to stick it in the fridge and drink it whenever you feel tired and low. The peppermint tea is known to be a wonderful bottle of freshness for your entire body and mind. So next time the heat triggers your mind and body have an icy cool cup of the peppermint tea.

A tepid bath

We all fancy in hot weather to have a cold shower but we probably don’t realize that in order to compensate for the heat loss our body generates heat afterward which in turn affects our body temperature. It's always advisable to take a bath just below the body temperature to cool down your body even when you have finished your tepid bath. This will also enhance circulation and will make you feel energetic and calm. 

Wear lightweight cotton clothes

You would have often heard that clothes reflect our temperament and we should dress according to the weather and the occasion. In summers people prefer to wear lightweight cotton clothes as it absorbs perspiration causing you to feel cooler. The synthetic clothes, on the other hand, trap heat and make you feel uncomfortable. You should also opt for light colored clothes during summers as these colors make the person relaxed and cooler and the person who meets you also feels good.

Keep the house curtains drawn

In summers we can’t imagine our life without air conditioner and other cooling gadgets. But do you know that you can naturally keep your house cool by drawing in-house curtains whenever you go out? This prevents your house from heating up like a greenhouse and you feel cool and comfortable as you enter your house. We bet you will forget to stay stuck to your air conditioner once you imply this trick in summer.

Avoid strenuous activity

Summer is a time when you need to slow down a bit as everything seems heated up like a ball of fire. Avoid getting involved in such activities that lead to excessive loss of your energy and raise its core temperature. If you want to do light exercise then do it during the coolest part of the day and refrain from activities that can stimulate your body. In summers even a slight bit of activity can lead to excessive energy loss. So stay away from the strenuous activities and spend less time outdoors.

Fuel your body

In summers it becomes extremely important to fuel yourself with fluid throughout the day. You can carry a water bottle whenever you go out and can also sip on a glass of herbal tea twice a day. Whenever you’re feeling hazy grab a glass of cold water and resist from hot drinks during the intense heat. This will also reduce chances of dehydration and you’ll feel light throughout the day.

By following these tips you can rinse off the sweat and keep your body temperature down. Beat the heat with these million dollar tips that will hold the chill a bit longer.


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