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How To Keep Your Baby From Putting Everything In Their Mouth

Parents are extremely worried about their little ones putting absolutely everything in their mouth. Your little ones are learning and they tend to use all 5 senses to learn about their world. But it can be a little frightening if they put something dirty or harmful in their mouth. It is difficult to keep an eye on babies all the time. There occur instances when they slip out of your line of vision and do what they wish. While you cannot completely prevent them from doing so, you can definitely take a few preventive measures to avoid undesirable outcomes.  

Babies generally tend to put things in their mouth more often during their teething phase. Parents can buy them some toys that are specifically designed to help them with this. Other times, your baby just wants to explore and learn. Babies tend to mouth things up until their 2nd birthday, some can even continue to do so post 2 years. This is normal behavior and nothing to worry about all too much. They will grow out of this habit as they pass their toddler phase.

Safety Precautions You Can Take

As mentioned earlier, you cannot completely prevent your little ones from putting everything in their mouth. But you can, however, take a few safety measures.

1. Do not Scold

While a mild reminder about not putting things in their mouth is alright, you must not scold your little ones. It is their innate nature to put things in their mouth and being scolded is just going to make them scared of you. This will discourage them and dampen their spirit of learning.

2. Sort out toys/objects

Make sure that any harmful household objects or toys are not around your baby, especially when you are not around to keep an eye on them. Get rid of all sharp and toxic objects and substances that you think are not safe and keep them at a safe distance where your baby cannot reach them.

3. Tell them ‘No’

Kids sometimes do certain things just to defy their parents and not adhere to their wishes. In such a case, you need to calmly explain to them the repercussions of their behavior and the meaning of ‘No’. Be a little firm with them and tell them that they cannot put objects in their mouth unnecessarily.

4. Get a teether

As mentioned earlier, babies usually tend to put objects in their mouth in their teething phase. When they reach the age where you know they will start sprouting teeth, get them a teether. Make sure you get a proper one that is convenient for your little one to use.

Keep the above things in mind and your baby should be fine. Remember that mouthing is an important phase in your baby’s growth years and you should not hinder it unnecessarily. Encourage your baby to explore while making sure that they are safe. Also, try to keep a keen eye on them for most of the time.  

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