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How To Keep The Marriage Alive After Having Kids

After you have kids, spending time on your marriage can seem tricky. It may not be as lovey-dovey as it once used to be but that doesn’t mean you don’t love each other. It is just difficult to find time to spend with each other. Do you feel like you need to work on your marriage but just don’t know how?

Here are a couple of tips on how you can make your marriage great again!

1. Make conversation

This is one of the easiest parts of a marriage yet many people fail to do so. Having a conversation and catching up with each other on a daily basis is necessary to sustain a happy and strong marriage. This doesn’t mean those texts about the groceries or the baby. It means talking about everything else. You could strike up a conversation about how your day went and then ask them about theirs. Do this at a constant time every day - say at dinner time or before you go to sleep. Keep this up until you become each other’s go-to advice-guru.

2. Take turns

When it comes to household chores and looking after the kids, you should always take turns. Moms expected to work 24/7 is a thing of the past. Dads and moms should work together in domestic life so that both parents do an equal amount of work. There should be no arguments about this - both parents are equally tired at the end of the day. So take turns - your husband could do the dishes one night while you put the baby to sleep. The nest night you could switch the roles. This creates a healthy atmosphere where both partners do an equal amount of work.

3. Date nights

Just because you both have busy lives doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have time for romance. Leave the kids at home with someone you know will take care of them well. Then, go out for a couple hours and spend time with the hubby. You could maybe go out for dinner followed by a late night movie. Or you could go out for a stroll after dinner and get some ice cream. Anything that allows the two of you to relax and bond with each other, even if it just for a few hours or even an hour.

4. Dress up

By now you must have figured out which of your clothes your husband likes and which one of his you like. So on those days when you can’t leave the house (no babysitter around) but want to spend time with each other, you could simply dress up and have a date night at home. This doesn’t just mean putting on the clothes. No. It means grooming yourself, pairing the right perfume with the clothes and setting up the table with flowers and perhaps a few candles.

5. Exercise together

Perhaps becoming a parent has made you give up on exercise altogether. This isn’t great for either of you. So why not take this as an excuse to bond with each other? Wake up an hour earlier so you can head out for a run in the park together. If you can’t leave the baby alone, take him/her along in a stroller. Sign up to join the gym together and motivate each other to keep going. You could even try exercising at home with your husband if he is up to it.


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