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Marriage brings in a lot of challenges in a couple's life. Keeping your in-laws happy (especially in the case of daughter-in-law) is one such challenge that can give you nightmare. It is an epic struggle that very few manage to pass out with flying colours. While some in-laws do share a sweet and loving relationship with their son/daughter-in-law, many others have to deal with sourness and compatibility issues, thereby straining their relationship severely. For all those people who have been trying everything under the sun to maintain a healthy and positive relationship with their in-laws, here are few valuable tips to assist them in their endeavours.

Appreciation and positivity:

Post marriage, there are bound to be some changes in your life. But don't get into a shell because of this. Instead, try to face them with elan and positivity. Almost all in-laws (especially mothers-in-law) expect their daughter-in-law to be great cooks. However, not every woman can boast of their culinary skill. But you can turn your weakness into your strength. Appreciate your mother-in-law for her excellent cooking abilities and ask her to guide and teach you how to become a great cook like her. A little appreciation and positivity will not only keep her happy but also make things a lot easier and better for you.

Spend some time with them:

Every couple wants to spend as much time together as possible. But this can upset your in-laws greatly. They feel their son is drifting away from them. They feel neglected and insecure. While your husband will always remain your husband, let a son also spend some quality time with his parents. In fact, make it a habit to have the evening snacks and dinner together. On weekends and holidays, plan family outings. Make them realize that you will never separate them from their son. Getting attention from their son and daughter-in-law will automatically make them happy and satisfied.

Involve them in important decision-making:

With age, your in-laws may not be able to actively participate in the household chores. However, do seek their advice before taking a major decision. We understand you lead a hectic life, but time and again, do inquire about their health and well-being. Also, try and praise your in-laws in front of guests and loved ones. Tell them how supportive and caring your in-laws have been. How much they have helped you cope with the struggles and challenges post marriage. Your in-laws will not only be happy, their equation with you will change for the best.

Seek your partner's help:

Without the support of your partner, it might be quite an uphill task to keep your in-laws happy. Have a proper discussion with your husband about the same and chalk out a plan to make things work out between you and your in-laws.

Listen to the parenting tips:

Grandparents, be it maternal or paternal always wants the best for their grandchildren. Thus, when your child is born, it is natural for them to share their experiences and parenting tips with you. While you may have your apprehensions and disagreements, do give them a patient hearing. Also, teach your child to love and respect their grandparents.

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