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How To Keep A Check On The Development Of Your Newborn's Head

At birth, your baby's head will be an approximate circumference of 13.8inches. It is natural for your baby's head to be bigger than their body, they will grow into it. From the moment your child is born, till they reach the age of one, your child's head and brain are constantly developing. The first year is the most vital stage of your child's internal development. 

At the time of delivery, your baby's head and skull are extremely fragile. Your child's head is quite soft, which is the only reason you can push them out of your womb with relative ease. Your child's head develops over the next few months into a perfect shape.  

The fontanelle, or the soft spot in your child's head, develops completely after the eighteenth month. Your baby has two soft spots that are covered by a safe padding of muscles that keep away from the chances of damage during a fall. However, until they are developed, your child's head is extremely sensitive.

The fontanelle tells you about the level of development of your child's brain. It can indicate a serious illness, with meningitis being one such illness. A sunken fontanelle can be a sign of acute dehydration. Doctors cannot diagnose damage in the brain until a few weeks after birth, as your child's head is still in the process of fully forming at this time.  

The shape of your child's head can change drastically from birth till they reach the age of one. A baby born out of normal delivery might be slightly pointy, while the others can be in the shape of a horseshoe or flattered. It takes a while for your child's head to take shape. Sleeping positions and nap times can be made easy and safe with a perfect pillow to enhance the perfect shape of your child's head. Try and put your child on their side during naptime, as this will prevent the flattening of your child's head shape.


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