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How To Introduce Solid Foods To Your Baby (Includes 10 Recipes)

baby eating solid foods

One of the best periods in a woman’s life is probably motherhood. A mother’s care and love for her baby starts since life forms inside her. After birth, the care continues, and thus a mother cannot be content wondering ‘what should be my baby's first solid food’? 

In order words, what will provide your baby with the most essential nutrition? It is not a great idea to feed your baby commercial foods laden with artificial flavours. Homemade puree baby food is probably the best choice in terms of cost and taste.

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How To Start Introducing Solids?

Some Easy To Make Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Most new parents are somewhat left confused as to what age do babies eat solid food. If you want to abide strictly to paediatrician’s guide then you have to wait till your baby attains 6 months of age to start baby first solid food. However, according to an official health report, you can also start giving your baby solid food at 4 months only if your baby accomplishes certain development stages. 

You might also want to take a nod from your baby and see if they are showing interest in solid foods. But it is not recommended to feed your baby certain foods which don’t lie in the baby solids guide. You should also consult with your paediatrician before starting your baby’s first solid foods.

How To Start Introducing Solids?

how to introduce solid foods

There isn't any hard and fast rule you should know about how and when to start solid food for babies. Make sure to handpick fresh organic fruits and vegetables and cook them in simple recipes. The day you give your baby their first solid foods, check their reaction and see if they are allergic to certain solid food. And then again feed them another different recipe at a gap of about 3-5 days. With time, reduce this gap till your baby gets acquainted with solid food. Cooking up unique recipes will enhance their appetite and they wouldn’t be a fussy eater anymore.

Some Easy To Make Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Here are some simple homemade baby food recipes. Though these aren’t completely solid food but are turned into a mushy form to ease your baby’s digestion. In simpler words, these are puree baby food, and you can even combine 2 or 3 of these recipes to widen your baby’s food palette.

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1. Mix scrambled egg with puree baby food

Contrary to the popular myth, you shouldn't wait long to introduce eggs as your baby's first solid foods. Because it is power packed with proteins, which is essential for your baby. If you are a bit hesitant to feed an entire egg to your baby, then scramble it lightly and then mix with a bowl of fruit or vegetable puree. If your baby doesn’t display any allergic reactions then you should think about letting them enjoy a hardboiled egg a few months later.

2. Mashed squash

This would be an instant hit among babies, owing to its bright colour and sweet taste. And also as a parent, you would be super happy feeding this to your baby because it is laden with Vitamin A. All you have to do is to puree some fresh ripe squash in your blender and add a pinch of salt, and you are ready. In order to add a hint of flavour, you can consider adding a dash of butter just to make the consistency a bit creamy and buttery.

baby first foods

3. Spinach puree with lentil

Do you know that lentils are enriched with high sources of iron which is one of the essential minerals required for your baby during its growing years? Puree fresh spinach leaves and then prepare a soothing mild bowl of lentil soup, add some herbs to enhance flavour. You can even consider adding some other veggie tidbits.

4. Mashed peas

Though this solid baby food might not look great, it is power packed with protein, calcium, iron, Vitamin a and Vitamin c. if you notice your child is not very interested to gulp it because of the non-creamy texture owing to the skin of the peas then after making the puree baby food strain the skin out.

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5. Mashed banana

Bananas are said to be the best baby food because they are very gentle on your little one’s tummy. It is aptly named perfect food because it consists of potassium and fibre.

6. Baked sweet mashed potato

Sweet potatoes are a lot healthier than potato and are highly preferred by health enthusiasts. To make homemade baby food recipes, puree it with a bit of water or milk to get the taste in.

7. Veggie puree

Drop in a few nutritious veggies like carrots, pumpkin, spinach into the food blender and make a smooth puree out of it.

baby food

8. Carrots puree

Source some baby carrots from the market and then let them sit in the blender for a few minutes. If they aren’t naturally sweet then you may want to add a few sugar crystals into it. Carrot puree would be a wonderful way to start your baby’s first food because they are rich in antioxidants as well as Vitamin A.

9. Pumpkin puree dashed with thyme

You should admit that thyme adds a bit of flavour when added in any recipe, so why these homemade baby food recipes should be exempted from it? Blend the pumpkin till it attains a creamy texture and then flavours it with a bit of thyme. This is bound to be one of the best baby foods as it would supply your baby with iron, potassium, and beta-carotene and also yummy taste.

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10. Pureed meat

If you and your family eat meat then there is no shying away from giving the same in a pureed from to your baby. Start introducing boiled pureed chicken in their diet initially. Afterwards, you may also opt to give him other meats.


Introducing solid food into your baby's diet is simple. However as per the baby solids guide, make sure to exclude dairy, wheat, beans, and nuts from solid baby foods. These items are difficult to digest and trigger various forms of allergy too. After all, keeping in mind the convenience and health of your baby is prime, needless to say.

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