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How to Improve Your Child's Attention Span

Children are too much fickle minded. Their focus of attention changes very fast and they occupy themselves in plenty of activities at once. Children are naturally energetic and exuberant, and it is impossible for them to sit at one place for long and not get distracted. For parents, it is nothing less than a challenge to keep their child focused on the thing at hand, and finish it completely. We are sharing some activities and methods that will help your child to improve and increase his or her concentration.

1. Learning by Playing: 

It is a proven fact that children learn better by playing. Making a learning activity a little fun for kids is always helpful. Keep your kids away from electronic gadgets and let them play with regular toys. Thinking games that require planning, thinking, and use of memory help in strengthening a child’s focus and concentration. Games like picture puzzle keeps them engaged and improve attention. Crossword and jigsaw puzzles help improve attention to words and pictures.

2. Eating healthy food:

The food your child eats is directly related to his or her concentration. Foods rich in sugar make the child lethargic and slow. Children have a natural affinity towards sugar but it should be kept under control. Protein-rich foods, like eggs and almonds, raise the concentration level and increase awareness. Eating green foods provides the body with antioxidants which help in boosting the focus.

3. Environment:

Some children perform well only in a soothing and calm environment whereas others may require some sort of activity going on, like the TV is kept on, to keep them busy. You need to identify what your child likes. Ideally, the environment needs to be free of anything that can distract the child. So, it is advised to keep the gadgets like tablets and phones away. Other than that, keep the things required by the child handy so that the child does not need to get up as it will break his or her concentration.

4. Reward your child:

Rewarding your kids upon a completion of task motivates them to focus on the task and finish it. Reward system is a proven way to reinforce positive behaviour. It definitely requires some effort on your side to design an effective reward system. Asking your child to what gift they want can be helpful. Offer different rewards each time because if you keep on repeating the reward, the child may lose interest in the activity.

5. Be patient:

The master key to every problem related to children is patience. Trying to get your child to accomplish a task could be exhausting and draining for you as well. At times, you may grow frustrated and exasperated. But, if you allow yourself to get stressed and lose your temper, you will only make the whole situation difficult for yourself and your child. Yelling at your child can have a negative lasting impact on the psyche of your child. Also, if they find you losing your temper, they will feel it is okay to get angry as well. So, it is necessary to be patient and keep your cool when you are assisting your child in completing some task. If you feel like the work is too challenging, and that your child is getting distracted, both of you should take a break for some time.

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