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How To Handle The Pressure Of Giving Birth To A Baby Boy

Although the times are changing and our perspectives are broadening, there’s no denying the fact that some families still prefer having a male child. There are various reasons as to why there is this notion of ‘gender preference’. This ideology is backed by strong opinions which differ from family to family. It could be either due to social or cultural expectations or plain narrow-mindedness.

However, amidst the stress of handling your pregnancy, it is important for the mother to keep calm and stay positive throughout the time.

1.Get your facts straight:

Factually speaking, the gender of the baby doesn’t depend on the mother. Science proves that your baby’s gender is determined by the sperm from your husband. Tracing back to genes and genetics, men have ‘XY’ gene and women have ‘XX’ gene in their chromosome. If the sperm ‘Y’ fuses with the egg you’ll have a baby boy and if sperm ‘X’ fuses with the egg, you’ll have a baby girl.

Basically, the gender of your baby depends on your husband. So, there is 50% chance that you’ll give birth to a baby boy!

2.Beware of all kinds of tantra mantra:

You must have also heard of women being forced to consume ‘ayurvedic medicines’ recommended by some witch doctors in order to change the gender of the growing fetus inside the womb. Talk about the ‘tantriks’ and their tactics of making this miracle happen!

Research says that, in India, there are plenty cases like these, as people are blinded by their greed to have the preferred gender over the other to lead their legacy. Be cautious about what pills you’re popping because it could turn out to be fatal for the growing baby in your womb and your health as well.

Many women have had given birth to stillborns due to their families reckless greed to have a baby of the preferred gender. These pills are known to cause serious damage to the fetus’ organs and heart.

3.Don’t believe everything you see on the internet:

The internet is full of more innovative ideas to conceive a baby boy like eating certain foods or by changing your lifestyle. Fortunately, there’s no medical evidence of which prove the validity of these factors.

Your baby’s gender is determined exactly at the moment when the sperm fuses with the egg inside your womb.

4.Hold your ground:

Just like the way curiosity killed the cat, finding the gender of your baby could also lead to a similar scenario. It is natural for your family members to get curious but over a period of time, it could get annoying. All you can do here is ask them to calm down and be patient.

They might force you to see a doctor to find out the baby’s gender and if it is not what they want, they can go to any extent to get rid of it. Sadly it still a low-key affair in few parts of our county. No wonder the boy-girl ratio in some of the Indian states is skewed.

5.Talk to somebody you trust

The pressure is real and it is stressful to handle it with all those mood swings you’re dealing with. It is good to talk to people you trust so that you can vent your feelings and thoughts about your situation.

Healthy baby should be your priority

It doesn’t matter to you if its a baby boy or a girl, does it? All you want to see is a cute little baby smiling at you looking at you with those little eyes filled with love and wonder. Eat right and exercise the right way to give birth to a healthy baby.

Remember that prenatal sex determination of the baby is illegal and a punishable offense under the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Technique Act 1994. You will be asked to sign a form which says that the ultrasound doctor will not reveal the gender nor will you be permitted to ask the doctor anything about the baby’s gender. Unfortunately, some of them still use code words for revealing the gender of the baby.

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