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How To Get Your Kids To Listen To You

You may think that there are only two ways to get your kids to listen to you:

1. A magic spell

2. Chocolates.

You might have thought that even when you read the title of this article. But honestly speaking, there are many more practical ways to get your kids to listen to you. However, if you really want to succeed, you have to take a keen interest in implementing the methods.

Following are some easy and practical ways to get your kids to listen to you: 

1. Grab Attention, Then Speak:

Kids are professional actors. They can really fool you to think that they have heard everything that you have said. But the truth is that most of what you say is falling on deaf ears. Which is precisely why the end result is often not what you expect it to be. Therefore; establish this as a rule when you want your kid to do something. First, grab their attention. Ensure that you have their attention before telling them what to do. Make an effort to connect with your child.

2. Don’t Be Too Wordy:

Kids have a short attention-span. So when your instructions get lengthy and wordy, the child is lost halfway through the instructions. To get them to listen to you, convey your message quickly, simply and efficiently without using too many words or spending too much time instructing them.

3. Empower Your Child:

Nobody likes to take orders, whether it be a kid or an adult. Understand this and try to empower your child as much as possible to take their own decisions. Give them the information that’s needed to make a decision. Rather than ordering them to listen to you; try giving them options that will accomplish the same objective. An empowered child listens because it’s at least partly their decision, not because they are simply told to do so-and-so.

4. Listen Patiently:

Listening - that’s where most human beings fail. We love to talk but hate to listen. If you don’t listen to your child, how do you expect your child to listen to everything that you have to say? Be the correct role-model.

5. Be Calm:

Remember; you are the adult here. You are the one who is emotionally mature. Therefore, if your child is unable to meet your expectations, stay calm. It could be that the task that you have set up is too difficult or there’s some problem that’s hindering their ability to listen to you effectively. If you lose your cool all the time; your child is either going to fight you or run away from you.

6. Tell Them What to Do, Not What ‘Not to Do’:

Be direct in your communication. If you want them to study, tell them to study. Don’t tell them to stop wasting time. Research shows that children respond more positively when told what to do instead of being told not to do something.

7. See Things from The Child’s Perspective:

Here’s where things get difficult. For parents, who are so stressed out because of their daily-grind, it’s hard to look at things from the child’s perspective. But no matter how hard it is, if you want them to listen, you have to think like them. Congratulate them for any deed that you believe constitutes an accomplishment for them. Positive reinforcement is a very successful model when it comes to kids.

Children aren’t robots. You cannot program them to behave in a certain way. You can instruct them to behave in a certain way and that’s about it. So be patient, clear and forgiving, and your child will grow up to be a good kid. 

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