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Men are lazy. There is no denying of the fact. Also, they possess an extremely casual attitude towards things. And they love to procrastinate. They will not move to do a thing unless it becomes an absolute necessity. It is not so because they want to irritate you or they find any joy in it. It is because this is how they are. However, even after all this is said, if you ask your husband to help you, he will never say no. He will always go an extra mile to take up the chores and finish them with perfection to put a smile on your face. So, here is how you should divide the chores and ask your husband for help.

1. Make Lists:

There would be things he sucks at doing and there would be things he aces at. Make a list of things that you find difficult to do and he is good at. This creates a clear division of labour and separates the areas of functioning. List down the activities that fall in his domain of excellence clearly and ask him to do it because he is better at it. This also gives him an air of superiority, which is much desired by men.

2. Do not overload him:

Ask him if he can take up the extra workload of the household. Do not just give it to him without any consideration. It may be possible that he has a big presentation to prepare for or some other urgent work to complete. In such a case, nagging him to do the household chores will only rile him up. But, if he has a bandwidth to accommodate more things in his schedule, he should be asked to take the load off of you.

3. Do not criticize the work: 

Men are sensitive and are very much like kids. They need a constant appreciation of whatever it is they do for you. And if you keep criticizing their work all the time, it will not only hurt them but they will also lose any interest in doing it. Then, it would be really difficult for you to get them do anything. So, praise their work often and tell them they are lacking in care and patience, just like you would deal with a little kid.

4. Discuss the work on a date: 

Plan a sweet little date for him, after a fun day or a weekend. Get away from the kids, and the TV, so that it just the two of you. When the mood is a jolly, tell him gently that you need his help in the household chores. When he agrees to help, tell him all that you need him to do. However, if he refuses and gives you a genuine reason, try to understand his condition too. Also, do not broach the subject during an argument or a heated moment and avoid treating him like a child and do not be bossy.

5. Switch the chores: 

You both can keep switching the tasks around. This avoids the tasks to be dull and boring, which is a reason why no one wants to do them. If there is a chore neither of you likes to do, then you can take alternative turns to do it. Also, you can switch the tasks like doing dishes and laundry weekly. This increases the sense of sharing the responsibilities in a household and at the same time breaks the monotony. 

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