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How To Get Things Done While Pregnant?

Pregnancy is something that will be all over your mind for the entire 9 months. No matter how important work you need to complete in your day, all you end up doing is watching videos related to the baby or checking the baby products or reading any information about pregnancy. And along with the excitement of the baby’s arrival in a few days, you will be having fatigue on the cards for the entire pregnancy period. And it acts as a perfect reason to procrastinate the chores that need to be done. So, here are a few tips to get things done when you are pregnant and dead-tired.

Get a planner:

To have a productive day, get a planner, schedule your day and include downtime as well in that. Having downtime is not bad. In fact, the pregnant body demands downtime, either to sleep or just scroll through the news or to check social media. But keep it in a limit. When you get a planner, write down the things that need to be done and cross-off when it is done, in this way, you keep track of what needs to be done and you will be motivated looking at the things you have already done.

Take a break:

When your body says suggests you to take a break, do it! Take a mini break of 5-10 mins. Either you are slugging through the first trimester or you are nearing the end, stretch a little or walk around or indulge yourself in a hot cup of chocolate. Do whatever is needed to refresh your mind and reboot yourself. The break relaxes your mind and helps you get back on track with more positive energy.

Know your productive times:

It is scientifically proven that the motivation to do something depletes throughout the day. So, know your productive times. Generally, the productive times of most of us are morning time. Try to complete the most difficult tasks in those times.

Eat right:

During pregnancy, your body is not only struggling to keep up with your daily chores but also nourishing a tiny life in your stomach. It is quite common to feel tired and to keep that fatigue in the bay, you need to have a good energy level. Eating right, following healthy diet and lifestyle, staying hydrated is crucial at this stage.

Dress right:

Dressing right won’t just boost your confidence but also increases the blood flow and improves your energy level. Along with the maternity clothes, the maternity leggings, compression socks goes long way in preventing the swelling, improving the blood circulation and energizing the legs and feet.

Give yourself the deadlines:

Parkinsons’s law states that “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion” So, to avoid the unnecessary stretching of the work, give yourself a challenging but realistic deadline and push yourself through it. When you achieve it, you would get a sense of satisfaction that could be beaten by nothing.

Stay active:

Staying active or doing exercises in the morning is near to impossible during pregnancy. But it could help in maintaining the energy levels and keeping the fatigue in check. Of course, it is best not to go overboard when exercising but a 30-minutes yoga or walk or moderate exercise could boost up your ability to be active and happy all day.

Rest and Relaxation:

Pregnants need rest and relaxation the most. An absolute 8 hours of night sleep and occasional power naps all day could make your waking hours as productive as they could be.

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