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How To Get The Kids To Not Eat Only Chocolates

Most children tend to have a sweet tooth and they absolutely love eating chocolates and candies. Parents keep complaining about their children eating excess chocolates and sugar contained items. While it is alright to allow your kids to indulge in sweet items once in a while, it is not a good idea to do so very often.

It is important to point out to your kids why it is necessary to eat healthily rather than continuously eating only chocolates and candy bars. Here are a few ways in which you can convince them: 

1. Do not allow them to skip meals.

Hunger often makes people crave foods that have high sugar content. Make sure that your kids do not skip meals. They might be playing or doing their homework, make it a point to ask them to eat at a particular time and not delay too much. Giving your kids something to eat after every 3 – 4 hours will prevent them from having hunger pangs throughout the day.

2. Plan dinner and meals.

Planning the schedule for lunch as well as dinner can be helpful. If your kids know what they are going to get for lunch and dinner, they will be mentally prepared to eat that particular vegetable or curry. If you don’t tell them in advance, they may end up complaining and not eating at the last moment. This will again lead to them grabbing something quick to fix their hunger which may not necessarily be healthy.

3. Don’t speak too much.

We often go ahead and do what we are told not to do and don’t do the things that we are expected to do. Children also have the same mentality. If you constantly keep telling them to “eat their vegetables” or to “not eat too much chocolate”, they are most likely going to disobey you. Instead, make sure that you play your part to the fullest and serve them balanced meals which are healthy and tasty at the same time.

4. Experiment.

If your kids want chocolate then give it to them in a healthy way. You can experiment with your everyday dishes in order to make some new dish that might excite your kids. You can make sandwiches and put on a thin chocolate spread over the bread. This will ensure that your little ones have chocolate but in a limited amount. You can also tell your children that they will get a piece of chocolate only if they eat everything that you serve them on their plate. Allowing treats once in a while won’t cause too much harm. 

5. Explain them the long-term benefits.

While it is imperative that you do not constantly pester your kids about how and what they eat, you can definitely point out to them the positives and negatives of eating certain things. Point out to them that it is very important to have a properly balanced diet and not skip meals (especially breakfast). You can further go on to tell them about the long-term health issues that they could face by eating too much chocolate or candy.

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