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How To Get Rid Of Facial Hair Naturally And Permanently?

What’s worse than the hair on your arms and legs? The hair on your face, because you can’t really hide your face behind clothes. A lot of women suffer from facial hair especially if they're going through hormonal changes. Rather than using tweezers and plucking each hair out, why not go for a more permanent and a natural solution?

1. Sugar + Honey + Lemon

- Take around 2 spoons of sugar and add a spoon of lemon juice to it.

- Mix it well until you see the sugar granules dissolve partially but not completely (You need the granules to act as a scrub).

- Then add a spoon of honey to the mixture and apply it to the face focusing more on the areas where you have unwanted hair.

- Let it sit for around 10 minutes and then scrub it gently on your face. Remove the excess by dipping the washcloth in cold-water and then swiping it across your face.

You need to do this at least once in 3 days and then eventually make it less frequent to see visible results.

Some people see results on the very first try and for others, it might take a month or so depending on how thick and long it is.

2. Potato + Lentil

- Soak a bowl of yellow lentil overnight and grind it into a paste.

- Peel a potato and then extract the juice from the potato mash. Add this juice to the ground lentil paste.

- Add 4 spoons of lime juice and a spoon of honey to this mixture.

- Apply this paste as a face pack to your face and any other place on your body where you have hair to get rid of.

- Let this completely dry and then remove it by rubbing it over your skin so that the dried paste falls off.

Potatoes have natural bleaching properties in them which will make your facial hair lighter and eventually the hair strands fall off.

3. Alum + Rosewater

- Take a spoon of powdered alum and add 3 spoons of rosewater to make a mixture.

- You can add a little bit of coconut oil so that the harsh alum doesn’t dry out your skin.

- Soak a cotton ball in the mixture and apply a thin layer of it on top of your face. Once it is almost dry, apply the second layer.

- Keep repeating this layering process for at least 15 minutes. After that wash off the excess with cold water.

It is recommended that you not do this procedure for more than 3 times in a week. This is a very good permanent solution as alum will reduce the growth of new hair over time and will give you baby-soft skin.

4. Chickpea flour + Turmeric paste

- Take 2 spoons of turmeric powder or make turmeric powder from fresh root.

- Add the chickpea flour and a warm water to make it into a paste.

- Apply this paste on your face and let it dry for about 60% before you rub it off your face by massaging in circular motions.

- Remove anything else left on your face using a damp cloth.

This face pack works wonders in getting rid of unwanted hair and giving you the flawless look every woman desires. 

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that all of these remedies might not work for everyone since every person’s skin is unique. It is recommended that you do a patch test on your arm or leg before you apply it on the face just to see if your skin is irritated by any of the ingredients used. 

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