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How To Get Rid of A Migraine: 10 Tips


Have you ever had a migraine? If you have, you know how intense and sharp it can be. If you haven’t, chances are you know someone who battles with it every now and then. A migraine is more than just a typical headache. Along with causing fierce pain, it could radiate throughout the entire head causing a feeling of nausea and an extreme aversion to light and sound. This resonating pain could shatter your day to pieces if you let yourself succumb to the pain of migraines. Instead, with the right tricks, you could manage it and try to get back into your daily life. Here are a few tricks to soothe the pain and make your life better.

1. Foods

- Omega-3 foods such as nuts, seeds and low-mercury fish (salmons or sardines)

- Organic fresh fruits and vegetables

- Magnesium-rich foods (spinach, pumpkin seeds, yoghurt, almonds, black beans, avocado, figs, dates, bananas and sweet potatoes)

- Protein foods, beans, legumes, green leafy vegetables, meat

These kind of foods could help in reducing the inflammation and throbbing pain. Migraines could elevate from foods like added sugar, refined grain products, conventional dairy products, pickled or cured fish, cold foods, etc. Such foods should be avoided.

2. Dietary Tips

Skipping meals, dehydration, consuming an excess amount of caffeine could cause migraines. The more you watch your dietary routine, the better you feel.

3. Massage or a little pressure on the pressure points

A proper massage can stimulate blood flow and relax your brain by sending the pain away from your head. Learn how to give yourself a proper massage. Also, a little pressure on certain migraine-specific pressure points can alleviate the discomfort. When you start feeling the migraines, place a bit of pressure on your craniosacral system. This leads your brain to relax and rest.

4. Get Herbal 

A cup of herbal tea or a visit to herbal garden is one of the healthiest options to keep a Migraine at bay. A migraine could make you rest all day - avoiding sunlight and any sounds. But if you have a herb garden nearby, it makes sense to get into nature. The smell of ginger, peppermint and cayenne are some of the natural pain relievers. Those could also treat a headache and nausea. If these herbs are ingested, they offer the fastest relief. 

5. Heat or cold therapy 

Heat or cold therapy could do wonders. Heat therapy relaxes your muscles and lowers the pain while the cold therapy could numb the areas and doesn’t let you feel the pain. To decide which one soothes your pain, you might need to experiment. Most of the times, the migraine caused due to heat will be soothed by an ice pack applied to head.

6. A quiet and dark place

One of the symptoms of migraines is an aversion to light and sound. At the first tinge of a migraine, get away from these. Go to a dark and quiet place, relax and concentrate on your breathing - inhale and exhale. The relaxation exercises and deep breathing could help in relieving the pain. It might also prevent the migraines from elevating.

7. A little caffeine might help 

A cup of coffee can be of great help in stopping migraines and also to enhance the effects of medication such as Tylenol, aspirin and other OTC pain relievers. But caffeine for more than three days a week could cause dependency and pose its own problems. So, drink coffee but in moderation to relieve your intense migraine pain.

8. Reduce stress 

Stress (either physical or mental) could be one of the migraine triggers. Overtraining physically or mentally, improper sleep, Lack of proper food, dehydration, emotional stress, etc could result in highly stressful situation. This affects blood flow and causes intense pain. To relieve such pain, try natural stress relievers.

 9. Mind-Body Practices 
Deep breathing, meditation, guided imagery, massage therapy, biofeedback therapy and other relaxation techniques could calm your mind and body by reducing muscular tension, improving blood flow and controlling blood pressure.

10. Exercise 

A regular exercise schedule could lower stress, balances hormones, lower any inflammation, improves your sleep quality and all these could be helpful in preventing headaches. Make sure exercise is a part of your daily routine and not a one-time affair. The exercise session should have a combination of aerobic and resistance training five days a week and each session is of at least 30-60 minutes.

Treating migraine or getting rid of it easier said than done. Try and choose the methods which could work for you. Also, keep the track of triggers such as foods, ingredients or activities which could cause a migraine and avoid those migraine-inducing factors. By doing all these, you could not only soothe your pain but also calm yourself down.

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