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How To Get Pregnant Even With Irregular Periods


Irregular periods, a representation/sign of very few things, but the consequence, much larger. It represents that you are ovulating inconsistently or, in some cases not at all. It is impossible to conceive without an egg, so the less you ovulate the fewer opportunities you have to conceive. Trying to conceive is no easy task, women with regular periods will have menstrual cycles from 11-13, giving a maximum of 13 chances per year to conceive.

For those of you with irregular periods, the probability of conceiving reduces by 30-40%. Therefore, your journey to parenthood would be long and tiresome. But, please do not let this discourage you, even with irregular periods it is possible to become pregnant. You would have to start by understanding the cause of your irregular period and how you remedy it to restore cycle regularity. Doing so would help you immensely in the path to your journey of parenthood.

Now, how hard it is going to be to get pregnant with irregular periods would depend on some factors like the cause of your irregular periods, how irregular your periods are, and whether or not you can time your intercourse accurately.

"How can you increase your chances of getting pregnant with irregular periods?"; would be a question you ask yourself on a very regular basis. Here are a few things to follow in your quest to increase those chances:

1. Healthy food and well-maintained diet: Try to eat more vegetables, fruits and try to avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates and fat.

2. Maintain a well-balanced figure: If you are overweight, losing a few pounds here and there, by restricting yourself with carbohydrates can be very beneficial. Similarly, if you are underweight, try putting on a few pounds, as low body fat can be linked to low estrogen levels causing irregularity in your cycles.

3. Exercise regularly: Getting regular exercise is a major contributor to fertility. But, you have to keep the exercise in check as too much stress can lead to an unwanted impact.

4. Fertility supplements: Consuming these vitamin supplements ensure that a woman trying to conceive would be taking in all of the nutrients they need in order to support a growing fetus.


In addition, there have been talks and speculations that some herbs and vitamins help promote hormonal balance, restore cycle regularity, and increase ovulation frequency.

5. The next step would be for you to accurately gauge your fertile window each cycle and predict when you will ovulate to time the intercourse appropriately. For women with irregular periods, ovulation prediction can be a frustrating endeavor. To make this task easier, you might consider using an electronic fertility monitor.          

Though irregular periods can make it tough for you to get pregnant, all the work you put in and the sacrifices you make would be worth it when you get to hold the special little baby in your hands. Besides, all the pain you have gone through would make your parenthood all the more special, wouldn’t it?


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