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How To Ensure Your Baby Gets Undisturbed Sleep?

Providing your baby comfortable and undisturbed sleep is something every parent looks forward to. Your baby might wake up in the night for a number of reasons and you might feel like you got a job working the graveyard shift. These night howls can also adversely affect the growth and development of your baby. If you’re facing difficulty in getting your baby to nap or snooze through the night then here’s most effective sleep through the night tips to get your baby a good night sleep.  

Setting a bedtime routine

We all need time to wind down before bed at night and babies also follow the same strategy. A bedtime routine can be the most effective way to get your baby to sleep easily and will also give him the time for getting into the relaxation mode before he falls asleep. You should always set your baby’s bedtime routine one hour before you want him asleep. This will help him get drowsy before you finally place him in his crib as he would know that the lights have gone off, the curtains are closed and it’s time to fall asleep. Setting a bedtime routine acts as an internal clock for your baby and he sleeps more when he recognizes his sleep window.

Don’t ignore your baby's sleep cues

You would have often observed babies rubbing their eyes, whining, yawning and fussing. These are the signals that your baby is feeling tired and he needs to go to sleep. It’s important to keep an eye on your baby’s activities so that you don’t miss out his sleep signals. If you miss your baby’s sleep window he might not be able to go to sleep later with the same ease. If you notice such signals of your baby take him to a quiet space and place him in his crib in the drowsy state and in minutes he would be having his dream sleep.

Do Not Disturb

In order to ensure your baby has a sound sleep, it’s very important to make the surrounding environment peaceful and calm. Even a slight bit of noise can disrupt your baby’s sleep and he might end up being awake the whole night. Whenever you try to put your baby to sleep switch off the lights, turn off the curtains and try to make it a completely silent zone. Once you set the right environment for your baby’s sleep putting him down to sleep would be absolutely fun.


Sleeping close to your baby can do wonders in improving your baby’s sleep pattern. Research has shown that moms and babies who sleep together share sleep cycles improving the overall sleep pattern and increasing the sleeping time. You don’t need to lie with your baby in your arms, you can even put your baby’s crib next to where you sleep and your baby will easily fall asleep.

Help him differentiate between day & night

Babies don’t know how to differentiate between day and night and hence they follow their own sleep cycle. While it might seem okay to let your baby snooze and wake up whenever he feels like, in the long run, it might not be a good habit. You need to instil the idea that daytime is about light and noise and nighttime is about darkness and silence so that his internal body clocks functions accordingly. Don’t make it too dark and quiet in the morning so that your baby recognizes it’s daytime and it’s time to be more active. Similarly, make the night time dark and quite so that your baby knows it’s time to fall asleep. 

These baby sleep solutions can definitely put an end to those 3 a.m. wake-up calls and ensure that he gets undisturbed sleep. Get over the sleepy-time missteps that are keeping your baby up at night.

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