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How To Encourage Your Husband To Lend A Helping Hand At Home?

Gone are the days when men were the sole bread earners while the women had to slog it out at home. In today's world, both the partners need to contribute equally (be it professionally or with the household duties) for the smooth running of the house. Sharing of responsibilities not only makes a relationship sweet but life a lot better and easier. Here are few tips to encourage your husband to help you around with the household chores.

1.Discuss the problem: 

If you expect your husband to read your mind and come running to help you around with the household work, then you are up for some disappointment. Thus, the best approach would be to discuss the matter with your partner. Explain it to him how difficult it is for you to manage all the household work (be it the kids, cooking, washing, grocery shopping, to name a few) single-handedly. Tell him that you would appreciate if he could share some of the household responsibilities. However, make sure to remain calm during the discussion. Getting agitated, shouting or fighting with your partner over the same will only worsen the situation.

2.Divide the responsibilities wisely: 

While you want your partner to help you around, you can't expect him to do things that he has probably never done in his life. Thus, you need to divide the work wisely. You can ask your partner to drop the kids at school, pick up the grocery, or pay the pills, all of which are quite simple and easy. Believe it or not, your spouse will be more than happy to carry out these duties. Asking him to prepare the dinner (in case he is a terrible cook) might end up discouraging him to lend you a helping hand. And yes, don’t forget to thank him for being so supportive and helpful.

3.Appreciate your partner: 

Your husband might not be able to prepare a lip-smacking dinner but do not criticize him. Your criticism will only discourage and demoralize him. Appreciate your partner for the efforts and hard work that has gone into preparing the dish. He will not only be happy but will also be encouraged and motivated to help you more. Many women have the habit of ridiculing their partner for their clumsy work. Remember, if you cannot appreciate him, do not criticize him or his efforts either, especially in front of kids or the other family members. He is genuinely trying to lend a helping hand, appreciate that.

4.Teamwork helps: 

Be it cooking or washing the dishes, working together can be great fun. While one partner can peel and cut the vegetables, the other can do the cooking. While you scrub the dishes, your partner can wash them. Don't take any decision alone. Seek your partner's opinion in the household work as and when required. The more you involve him, the more he will be encouraged to contribute to the household duties. 

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