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How To Encourage Curiosity In Children?

Children are naturally curious and want to know what is what from the day they open their eyes. Most of the times, we get irritated by their questions and shut them down. Children are very good at spotting evasion and then resort to their own means of seeking the information that they want to find out.

Curiosity is actually a good thing and will help your children learn a lot more than if they weren’t curious. To be completely honest, parents or caretakers do not really have to build curiosity in children, for they are naturally so. Parents just need to prod a little and provide that extra bit of motivation that kids require.

Here is how you can nurture curiosity in your children:

1. Connect with the external environment

Just like parents, children go out as well, even though it is just school that they visit. In the course of their journey from home to school, they encounter quite a few things that they do not get to learn in the four walls of their home or school. It will be a good idea to take a walk with your children in the evening and give them some information about the things that they are surrounded by.

2. Answer questions simply and clearly

At times, we feel that we are superior and hence it is okay to use jargon while answering questions. Please do not follow this with children. They may not understand or ask further for the fear of disappointing you. Try to be as clear and concise in your answer as possible, so as not to confuse your little one. Answer questions in a simple and understandable manner.

3. Do not evade

There are certain topics that are too tender to discuss with children and hence parents evade them. You first need to grasp the magnitude of mental effect that the topic will have on your child and proceed accordingly. If you can absolutely not discuss something with your children, then tell them so, and also let them know at what point in the future you would think it fit to quench their curiosity.

4. Use the library

Never in their life should your children get an impression that a library is a place that only nerds visit. At times, it may so happen that you may not know the answer to a question that your child asks you, in such circumstances, admit that you don’t know and take your kids to the library along with you or surf the internet together to find out the answer.

5. Ask open-ended questions.

In order to build curiosity within your children, it is important to establish good communication. This is only possible if you ask open ended questions to your kids instead of being crisp. If they are going wrong with something, do not scold them or make them feel inferior. Instead, redirect them and tell them that it is important to make mistakes so as to learn from them.

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