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How To Deal With Winter Baby Skin Challenges


During the cold winter months, it is easy for your little one to fall sick. It is also common for babies to develop dry skin problems in this weather. One of the main concerns of a mother is how she can protect her baby’s soft skin from these problems.

Here are a few tips to keep your baby’s skin healthy and soft this winter:

Clothes - Think Light And Soft!

Dress them in layers so that you can always remove a layer when they seem to be feeling hot. The clothes should be light and soft. When heading outdoors, make sure they are fully covered so that the cold winds don’t make them uncomfortable. Note that their tummy area should be warm and their toes should be cooler as extra heat gets expelled from the head and toes.

Help Your Baby’s Skin Adapt To Weather Changes

Your little one’s skin is trying hard to cope with the changing weather. This can cause your little one’s skin to become dry very fast. Use a moisturizer like Himalaya Baby Lotion which contains the goodness of Olive Oil and Almond Oil to keep your baby’s skin soft, healthy and moisturized.

Keep The Room Warm And Snug

Although the house should be ventilated, you should ensure that cold winds don’t directly get in contact with your baby’s skin. Their body might end up burning more energy to stay warm and this can cause their skin to become dry faster.

Bath Time Basics You Should Not Miss

Using warm water during bath time could cause their skin to become drier. The temperature of the water should be the same temperature as your baby’s skin. Also, your baby shouldn’t be in the water for longer than 5 minutes. To make sure their skin retains some moisture after the bath, use a moisturizing soap such as Himalaya Extra Moisturizing Baby Soap.

Baby’s Epidermis May Attract Germs And Bacteria

The outermost layer of your baby’s skin (the epidermis) is very thin. Thus, it not only leads to dry skin rashes, but may also attract germs and bacteria to enter through this thin skin layer. So in addition to keeping the skin moisturized, it is also important to keep the skin clean. Using a gentle wipe such as Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes.

Now you know how to prepare your baby for the cold, dry winter months. All you need to do is follow these steps. Himalaya BabyCare products are made specially for babies and can help meet your baby’s winter care needs. They are enriched with herbal actives that help keep your baby’s skin soft and healthy.

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