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How To Deal With Depression After Delivery

Once a mommy brings her little one home, it fills her with numerous emotions. As a mother, she will feel anything ranging from fear to happiness to depression. If you begin feeling sad and it begins taking over your mood throughout the day, you might be experiencing Postpartum Depression (PPD).

It all begins in the first few weeks after delivery and it could last for about six months after you give birth. You may experience a huge wave of sadness hitting you and anchoring you down. You will definitely experience the mood rollercoaster, decision making becomes a little challenging and the worst one is- difficulty in bonding with the baby.

If you have been feeling these things too, you’re not alone. At least 1 in 7 women are reportedly suffering from PPD. The best way to diagnose and treat postpartum depression is by visiting a doctor.

Here are a bunch of ways that will definitely help you in dealing with postpartum depression:

1. Create some ME time

You might feel homebound and stuck on the couch nursing the baby. You might feel worked up seeing the plight of the messy home and other responsibilities. Instead of tackling this stress all by yourself, you may take some help from the other family members or just hire a babysitter just for a few weeks so that you can surpass this phase.

You’ll be able to find time for yourself between the nursing sessions. This way you’ll be able to destress and do your own thing like watch movies, read, walk around or just take a peaceful nap!

2.Eat healthy food

Although eating healthy isn’t a foolproof method that will cure your depression, but it will definitely stop you from binge eating unhealthy things. This way you’ll gain enough nutrients to keep up good health and have some sanity while dealing with your problems.

Opt for whole foods such as chopped apples, carrots or even peanut butter! These are the best foods to grab on the go for a busy mommy.

3. Exercise is a must

The first step into motherhood will definitely wear you out. You may feel tired by the end of the day, but that is no excuse to not exercise. It is said that physical activity can help in curing postpartum depression.

Exercising doesn’t mean that you have to do some vigorous and strenuous exercises. Just take a brisk walk with your baby in his favourite park, and let the walking do its magic!

4.Think of happy thoughts

Try to stay positive as much as you can. This won’t let you slip away into a web of negativity. Remind yourself of how much your baby means to you and how much your family needs you. Just understand this one thing- Depression is temporary! This way you’ll feel better about your life and responsibilities. Focus on things that make you happy!

5.Focus on yourself too

Although your baby will be the centre of attraction for a while, but it shouldn’t stop you from taking care of yourself. In fact, 45% of your confidence is in your appearance. So, get your hair on fleek and prep your wardrobe. Dress up for yourself and watch all the eyeballs turn towards you. Caring for your body is a great way to improve self-image and get your game back on!

6.Laughter heals all

Don’t hold back from laughing out loud! Laughing will automatically make you feel positive and happy thereby improving your mood. Surround yourself with people and things that make you laugh. It could be your favourite TV show or a fun gossip session with your best friend.

7.Sing it to express it

When you sing, your voice can express your mood and emotions. This way you can sing to your baby and once your baby begins reciprocating, the smile on her face will automatically lighten you up. 

Postpartum depression is a very temporary phase which can easily be overcome. Although there are medicines and other remedies available, healing oneself can be only done if you’re willing to help yourself. Think about how much fun you’re going to have with your baby and think about how lovely life’s going to be with your family! You’re a warrior and you shall overcome this...all you have to do is believe in yourself. 

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