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How To Deal With Aggressive Behavior in Toddlers

Having a toddler around immediately lightens up the mood for everybody. Everything that the little bundle of joy does, brings a smile to the faces around. But it is very important to notice the behavior of a toddler as they pick up everything that they see, including tantrums and aggressive behavior. 

While it might seem funny the first couple of times the toddler throws water on the floor, you will certainly not feel the same way from the 5th to the 200th time of its occurrence. You may not want to be to a strict parent, but you have to find your own way to deal with your child’s aggression. The following 5 steps will help you deal with this better:

Observe the behavior

First and foremost step before correcting the behavior, you will have to observe how, where and why your child is displaying aggression. If he starts throwing his hands around when other kids come home, or if he is kicking in the air when you drop him to play school or simply spits out the food when he is served something green. The most important thing is to understand the reason for the child’s behavior before acting on it. Only once you know the reason for the behavior, will it be possible to tackle it.

Reaction to something new

Usually, the aggression is linked to the introduction of something new. They might react aggressively to new members of the family, guests, food or even the way they are held. Even though such aggression wears out with time, it is important to be patient and calm while introducing something new to kids who have displayed aggression. It will set the course for your child to try new things in the future.

Environment at Home

For the children everything is new, and they pick up the smallest of the habits that they see around. Whether it is how you sit on the dining table, talk to your elders, give instructions to staff, or even how you sleep, the toddler is very likely to pick up the habit from you. The child will pick up the aggression from you if behave with others aggressively in front of the child. So it is very important to control your own aggression not just with the child, but around the child as well. This is the most effective way to reduce any kid’s aggression even at a nascent stage.

The behavior of other kids

Like interactions at home, children pick up habits from everyone that they meet outside. Whether it is at the playschool or at a playdate, children accept aggressive behavior when they notice others displaying it.

If you notice your child’s aggression concurrent to the playdates, then it is advisable to try having the playdate in a more calm environment or even changing the playdate.

Child’s self-awareness

We feel so many new things as we enter different stages of life. For the toddler, life is just beginning and everything that he/she feels or sees is new. He/she does not even understand how his/her own body, let alone understand his surroundings. Helping the child with self-awareness goes longer then we appreciate, it can bring about a positive change even this early in life. You can take advantage of their inquisitiveness and distract them with something else. Moreover, giving them an alternate will make the reoccurrence of such behavior less likely. “Playing with the bubbles on the bed is fun, but it is more fun to play with the bubbles while having a bath”

Being a parent of a toddler requires a lot of devotion, especially given how impressionable they are. The aggression of a child should be dealt very carefully.  

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