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How To Deal With A Stubborn Child?

Are temper tantrums a norm in your household? It can either be when you’re getting your child to try something or when they want you to do something for them. In moments like these, it may seem like giving in is the only option but encouraging such habits will only make it worse.

As your child grows, he is bound to be stubborn at one point or the other. This is most likely to happen when he’s a toddler or a teenager. So, instead of adapting around his stubbornness, here’s what you can handle it:

1. Give them options

Most of the stubbornness in kids arises when you say ‘NO’. Children have the tendency of doing things they’re not supposed to do. So, when you tell them to eat spinach, they might snapback. Instead, ask them to choose between eating carrots and spinach. They might want neither but by providing them with a choice, it will feel like you're not forcing anything on them so they’re less likely to refuse.

2. Follow through with consequences

Making rules is not tough but following through is where most parents give up. This will give rise to a notion in your child’s head that no matter what he does, there will be no repercussions. If you told your child to finish his milk before going out to play, then make sure he does as you say. If not then you might have to make them cut back on the play time. This goes for everything else too.

3. Create a friendly environment

It’s true that parents are the biggest role models for children. From a very young age, kids start observing and imitating what parents do. If you are constantly arguing with your husband or bad mouthing others in front of your child, then he will start to do so too. Being raised in such a household will also impact the child emotionally in the long run.

4. Stay calm

This might be the most important thing to do when dealing with stubborn kids. If your kid yells and you yell back, you’re waging a losing battle. Steer the conversation into a more practical territory and try to negotiate with the kid. Kids are stubborn because they don’t know better and as a parent, it’s your job to tell them otherwise.

5. Give respect, earn respect


You can’t expect your child to follow all of your instructions if you don’t lend him an ear and hear out what he has to say. If you listen carefully, you’ll realize that your child makes more sense that you first thought. When your child asks for something, rather than refusing it at the first instant, ask him why and how that will help him. The answer might surprise you.  

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